9 Latina-Owned Retail Beauty Brands to Support


These powerful facts are putting the beauty industry on notice that Latino/a consumers cannot and should not be ignored, according to WWD and HOLA!.  

  • Latino/as account for 51% of the total population growth in the U.S. from 2010 – 2020, with the number of Latino/as who identify as multiracial increasing from 3 million to more than 20 million.
  • Latino/as represent a projected spending power of $2.3 trillion dollars by 2024. 
  • Latina consumers make up 18.5% of the revenue in the U.S. beauty industry, and over-index in cosmetic sales, outspending peers by nearly 30%.  
  • Latina consumers spent $2 billion on makeup alone and express a higher level of purchase intent for products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. 
  • The limited availability of hair and beauty products for women of color is why 23% of Latinas opt out of visiting hair salons. Despite this, when Latinas go to salons, they generally spend more than the average American woman: 27% of Latinas spend more than $100 dollars every time they go to a hair salon. 

With only 2% of all venture capital in the U.S. invested in Latino/a-owned businesses for the entrepreneurs who start beauty companies, the challenge of access to capital is staggering. It’s a major feat for those who bootstrap, borrow, or receive grants to get started, and an even bigger victory when they scale. Specifically, Latina-owned beauty and personal care brands are demonstrating that there is a  place on the retail shelf for products that are marketed to their unique needs, preferences and cultural identity. 

Here are 9 Latina-founded beauty brands that are in beauty supply, mass, or drug retail stores to shop and support. They represent the diversity, creativity and passion of the culture. 

1. Ceremonia (Sephora)

Nutrient-rich, clean beauty scalp & hair products. Founded by Babba Canales Rivera

2. Rizos Curls (Target, Ulta Beauty, Beauty Supply)

Products with natural, plant-derived ingredients for manageable, frizz-free waves, curls, and coils. Founded by Julissa Prado

3. Luna Magic (Walmart, CVS, Target)

Vibrant, Latino-inspired, fun color cosmetics. Founded by Dominican-American sisters, Mabel & Shaira Frias

4. Botanika (Walmart)

Herbal haircare for all hair types. Founded by Aisha Ceballos-Crump

5. Honey Baby Naturals (Walmart, Sally Beauty, Beauty Supply Stores)

Moisture-intensive children’s products for textured hair. Also founded by Aisha Ceballos Crump. 

6. Bomba Curls (Target, JCPenney)

Nourishing haircare inspired by Dominican hair potions for maintaining waves, curls and coils. Founded by Afro Dominicana entrepreneur, Lulu Cordero

7. Nopalera (Nordstrom, Credo)

Moisturizing, nopal cactus plant-based soaps and body care. Chicana-owned by founder, Sandra Velasquez

8. Hyper Skin (Sephora, Urban Outfitters)

Clinical ingredients for acne & dark spots on all skin tones, with a focus on richly melanated tones. Founded by Desiree Verdejo

9. Gloryscent (JCPenney)

A pro-melanin skincare brand for people who value inclusion and clean ingredients for all. Founded by Rafaela Gonzalez.  

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Dwan V. White

Founder & Editor, Multicultural Beauty Insider 

A marketing strategist, product developer, brand architect, and self-proclaimed consumer insights geek, Dwan White’s career in the ethnic and multicultural beauty segment spans over 20 yrs. She has created and introduced over 200 hair and skin care products into the global marketplace, across 5 continents. In 2022, Dwan founded Multicultural Beauty Insider (MCBI), a digital media platform reporting business news, insights and trends throughout the $6.6 billion dollar U.S. ethnic/multicultural beauty vertical. Multicultural Beauty Insider Honors the Color of Beauty, giving the segment a media voice, while recognizing and rewarding the excellence of multicultural beauty brands and industry professionals.


Multicultural Beauty Insider

Multicultural Beauty Insider is a media voice, researching and reporting relevant business news, insights, and trends throughout the $6.6 billion dollar U.S. retail multicultural beauty vertical. Its mission is to Honor the Color of Beauty by driving impactful conversations, creating content that connects, educating to empower, and recognizing the excellence of brands and professionals within the ethnic/multicultural beauty segment. 




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