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If you thought the beauty sphere left chunky highlights back with skinny brows and porcupine updos, think again. Just like everything else from the ‘90s, chunky highlights are making a comeback on IG *shudders*. Our official question on the matter: WHO let this happen?

Last month, a picture of chunky highlights posted by a New Jersey-based hairstylist went viral and tore apart IG as we know. But she’s not the only one dishing out the zebra treatment. Hairstylist Nayara Bezerra has been reigning in thousands of likes on her chunky highlight ‘dos as well, and that doesn’t even include all the reposts of her pictures. These striped hair nightmares are flooding our discover pages, making us nauseous each and every time.

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Quem ama marcadinhas?? ❤️

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Some stylists are disguising the locks by dubbing them “high contrast.” We know your secret and won’t be fooled. Others are adding a rainbow twist, which is equally as terrifying. While we can appreciate the creativity…please make it stop.

We’re cool with a good scrunchie or even the occasional pigtails, but chunky highlights may be where we draw the line. Picture Kelly Clarkson circa early 2000s – enough said.

Although we may not be the biggest fans of the end result, we can’t deny that Bezerra’s precision is next level. US Salon Pros know that you can’t get highlights that evenly spaced without some serious talent. Kudos to you Nayara.