A Trip to Wakse’s First Brick and Mortar Shop



Waxing isn’t traditionally thought of as a fun activity, but the brand Wakse is starting to change that. Wakse is known for delivering high-end wax for an at-home experience that’s pleasant, easy, and perhaps even enjoyable. The popularity of the brand and its easy-to-use products in playful scents created the demand for a revolutionary, in-person waxing studio.

Founders Andrew Glass and Shayan Sadrolashrafi opened the first Wakse shop in Irvine, California on December 9. They set out to make this store, unlike the clinical-looking waxing salons we’re used to seeing. Once inside, the colorful retail displays hook your attention. The six esthetician rooms are located behind a wall, separating the retail and salon space. The esthetician wing is quiet and calming, but still modern, complete with a built-in photo opp. In lights, the brand’s slogan, “Made by two hairy guys” is spelled out for an Instagram post waiting to happen. The staff is warm and the vibe of the store is cool, making those who are newer to waxing, such as myself, feel welcome.

Visiting Wakse is a beauty service meant to be savored. My esthetician, Shay, consulted with me on my brows, explaining the prep, shaping process, and post-service care. As I held up a mirror, she showed me she would be waxing between my brows then shaping them so that the arch and ends line up at the appropriate angles in relation to my nose. She applied a gentle cleanser to prep the skin for the wax to properly adhere.

As she prepared the wax, a sugary smell came over the room. After shaping my brows with the wax, Shay did some more detailed work to get some of the stray hairs under my brows. She then tweezed and filled my brows in. She told me natural brows were in style, and when I looked at her finished work I understood why. My brows looked clean with a crisp arch. I felt more put together than I had in days.

All my preconceived notions about eyebrow waxing went out the window. In about 15 minutes, I had learned that waxing causes less ingrown hairs and lasts longer than tweezing, felt pampered, and had my confidence boosted. Not to mention, my brows looked great.

I loved my experience at Wakse so much that the thought of trying to replicate it at home was not as appealing as returning for the full experience. I booked another appointment (you can too (here), snapped a few photos in front of the photo opp wall, and headed out into the mall to show off my new brows. 

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You can try Wakse’s at-home products by shopping on wakse.com or ulta.com.

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