Andis International Artistic Lead Kevin Luchmun on FLUID Volume 3


Andis’ Fluid Series is back with Volume 3! Since we LOVE the new volume, we wanted to make sure we got to speak to the amazing creator who leads the collection, Kevin Luchmun. 

Kevin Luchmun is an award-winning London-based barber, stylist, and photographer,  renowned for his blend of traditional barbering and high-end men’s hairdressing. During his formative years, he continuously sought out educational opportunities to further hone his craft and eventually rose through the ranks, earning the position of International Art Director for Toni & Guy where he headed up their men’s education division. His continuous learning and his technical haircutting skills have led him to become a huge inspiration to the industry and a member of the Andis team. 

With Andis, Kevin has worked to add another installment to the FLUID series, FLUID Vol. 3. This step-by-step educational video collection showcases five versatile hairstyles, ranging from a low tapered afro to a modern bowl mullet — all while providing detailed steps and guiding barbers and stylists through each look using Andis clippers and trimmers. 

We walked through Kevin’s journey with him to where he is today and then we learned about all the ins and outs of FLUID Vol. 3. Kevin and Kelly discussed in detail how volume 3 came together, the importance of diverse hair textures in education, what the audience can take away from the collection and so much more. 

Don’t miss out on hearing from Andis’ International Artistic Lead Kevin Luchmun on all things FLUID Volume 3!

“I wanted to be more than just “Oh let me get up on stage and start doing a demonstration and talking about the tools”.”

“The whole goal with FLUID is to continually bring out education and to continually be forward-thinking within the industry in what we do. FLUID Volume 3, I  got set the task to, I guess, have more of a European flair since I was creating it here in London.”

“I love walking around and watching people, watching people cut hair. I still want to learn myself.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream and head over to our Instagrams @Readthetease and @volumeupbythetease

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