Andis Just Launched a Limited-Edition Galaxy-Inspired Colorway For Two of Its Most Popular Tools


Andis fans, get excited! The stars have aligned to bring barbers and hairstylists what might just be the brand’s coolest launch yet: a new limited-edition Galaxy colorway. 

With its newest collection, two of Andis’ most popular tools have been taken to a galaxy far, far away and been given the ultimate galactic makeover. Both the cord/cordless Slimline Pro Trimmer and the Envy Li Adjustable Blade Clipper now come outfitted in an ultra-sleek, iridescent look that is sure to leave hair pros (and clients!) in starry-eyed wonder.

Image courtesy of Andis Company

“Fans of the Envy Li Clipper and Slimline Pro Trimmer will love this exciting new colorway!” said Angie Perino, Andis’ Global Education Manager. “These popular tools are lightweight, cordless, and comfortable for professional all-day use, but pack the power and precision to create any style.”

While both the Slimline Pro Trimmer and the Envy Li Clipper may have a dreamy new color scheme, they both carry over all the bells and whistles of their original versions. Sleek and lightweight, the Slimline Pro Trimmer is equipped with a close-cutting, precision T-blade as well as a balanced, ergonomic shape for outlining, design, and dry shaving. Along with having a cord/cordless design for greater flexibility with zero downtime, the Galaxy edition Slimline Pro Trimmer is also built with a powerful lithium-ion battery that delivers up to two hours of runtime.

As for the Envy Li Clipper, it’s perfect for creating fade and taper styles thanks to its taper blade that adjusts from size 000 to size 1. An incredibly versatile and extremely lightweight clipper, the Envy Li features both  a high-speed, rotary motor and a lithium-ion battery that’s able to deliver over two hours of nonstop runtime.

Both the Galaxy Slimline Pro Trimmer and the Galaxy Envy Li Clipper can be purchased separately or as a combo set — available on December 14th. To get your hands on these tools, be sure to visit or any authorized Andis dealer. 

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