Anna Cofone Supplied Witchy Vibes to Lana Del Rey’s Met Gala ’24 Hairstyle With Authentic Beauty Concept Products


If Met Galas of the past have taught us anything, it’s that Lana Del Rey likes statement headwear. For 2024’s event, the singer ditched Catholic religious iconography for something positively pagan. We’re talking wood nymph. Witchy in the best way.

Celebrity hairstylist Anna Cofone took to Instagram describing the hairstyle as a “dream-like apparition of fragility and beauty — delicate, waist length waves set within a handmade headpiece of natural hawthorn branches with a veil of tulle, evoking the Romantic Gothic.” Certainly not something the average client is going to want recreated for say their wedding day, but, we’re in awe of the artistry. And it’s very, very Lana Del Rey.

Cofone, Global Creative Advocate for Authentic Beauty Concept, generously shared how she created this look with The Tease, calling it “ethereal, poetic and timeless.” We couldn’t agree more. Scroll for detailed steps, including exactly which Authentic Beauty concept products Cofone used and why.

Get the Look:

  1. To create a flawless base, start with the Blow Dry Primer on the roots and Hydrate Spray Conditioner on the mid-lengths, followed by Nourishing Hair Oil on the ends for added heat protection and smoothness.
  2. Apply Amplify Mousse from roots to ends for structure, volume and hold.
  3. Blow dry the hair taking small sections with a natural bristle round brush and alternating between temperature settings to get the ultimate smooth result. Pin curl each wave to cool.
  4. To deconstruct the waves, brush out curls using curls using a wide tooth comb and Working Hairspray to smooth flyaways. 
  5. Prep for the headpiece application by teasing the roots with Airy Texture Spray for structure and to create a base to secure pins into.
  6. Finish by applying Shaping Cream to ends for a gorgeous smooth finish and lock in with Strong Hold Hairspray

Hairstylists, if you recreate this style don’t be shy! Make sure to tag @readthetease on Instagram or TikTok so we can see.

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