Anne Maza on Remaining Hopeful Amid COVID-19 Outbreak


As information regarding COVID-19 continues to be released, many states and cities are placing orders for all residents to stay home and away from others. Late last week, California governor Gavin Newsom issued a Shelter in Place order for the entire state, meaning all non-essential businesses (including salons, barbershops, etc.) need to close their doors to the public.

Among the affected businesses is leading hair tool brand, Olivia Garden—which was closed down even earlier than the rest of California. In an Instagram post addressed to their “Beloved Hairdressing Community,” co-owner Anne Maza encourages customers and fans to use this time wisely and remain positive. She says that “first and foremost, [we need to] focus on our health, our mind, our families, and our friendships, even if done virtually.”

“Let’s also use this time to make plans for when we will be back behind the chair, at our desk or crisscrossing the country for work. Now is a time to think, research, analyze, evaluate, discuss, brainstorm and strategize, so when the world is back to normal, we are ready to go with renewed energy, focus and a good plan of action,” she says.

After sharing her message to Olivia Garden’s followers, Maza took to her own Instagram to post a 3-minute video speaking directly to the salon professional community, letting them know that we’re all in this together. “I know a lot of people are going through hardship and stress, anxiety, sadness—all of the above, and a lot more than that. But I want to let you guys know that you are not alone,” she shares.

 “We’re thinking about our families, our employees, our customers, about our community—really about the whole world,” she continues.

And even though the closure will be a difficult time for the company, Maza remains hopeful for what’s to come. “We’re here and we’ll get through this, and I cannot wait until it’s okay for us to have hair shows again and to get out there on an airplane and travel the world and do our thing. That will be a beautiful, beautiful day,” she says with a smile.

The days ahead will be filled with ups and downs, but it’s important to remain hopeful and excited about what the future holds on the other side of this pandemic.

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