Beauty Is For Everyone: How Non-Binary TikTokers Navigate Beauty Standards

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Kellin Suede is this week’s guest on Volume Up by The Tease. Kellin Suede is a Black non-binary content creator from San Diego, California. Their alternative clothing shop, Kayelle Suede, is all about breaking the rules and standing out. While it began as a merch store for Kellin’s youtube channel, Kayelle Suede has now branched out into something bigger, offering makeup, jewelry, and art. Kellin’s overall goal for their brand is to reach those who feel alone and bring them to a safe space as the Suede family. 

Kellin came on Volume Up to talk about beauty standards and how non-binary individuals have to navigate them. Kellin first explained to us their TikTok origins as well as how their store Kayelle Suede got started. As someone whose life revolves around the beauty and fashion industry, Kellin was open about what beauty means to them and how often it can be difficult in terms of social media with how others perceive them. 

Kellin talks about their own personal experience as well as experiences they have seen over the years when it comes to gender identities and beauty. Kellin explains how it feels to be put in a box by others and how sometimes distancing yourself from what you love feels necessary to be correctly identified, as well as how as a beauty industry we can do better so that everyone feels comfortable in our industry. 

Don’t miss out on hearing from Kellin and how they express themselves in the world of beauty!

“People really want you to be whatever they think that is. Whatever you say I identify as when they see that, they want you to be exactly that.”

“I think a lot of people need to be educated more. And talk with actual non-binary or just gender non-conforming people so that they can see it is a lot more than what you might expect.”

“Everyone’s relationship with gender is different and I don’t think that cis-gendered people always understand that.”

“The more confident that you are, the less people are going to try to attack you.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream. 

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey