Blondes Can Be Low-Maintenance Too!

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It’s 2020. Life is busier than we know it — and then a pandemic lands on us. I bet most of you had a hair appointment booked and had to keep pushing it out with an unknown reopening date!

This year has made me even more thankful for my investment in low-maintenance techniques. My goal for my clients is that they leave the salon feeling completely refreshed and still have that same feeling four+ weeks later.

Plus, I preach on low-maintenance hair for personal reasons too. My hair grows fast, and although I’m a natural level 5/6, I love being a level 9 cool blonde. Two-to-three weeks after my color, my roots always come back to say hello. So, I decided to say goodbye for good!

Any service I provide, I get it done first so I can have a personal opinion on it. This way my clients can truly take my word for it too. The next time my amazing stylist did my hair, we added a root tap. I am now six weeks out and just noticing that regrowth (which I’m actually unbothered by).

The “Root Tap” has become one of my favorite techniques for my blonde babes! I use a hard bristled Framar brush and mix up a demi-permanent color to tap out that foiled look. This gives a “blurred” effect on those highlights. Plus, my clients have mentioned that their highlights look closer to their scalp — BONUS!

With this technique, the line of demarcation isn’t as harsh, so my clients can book their next appointment further out. Just tack it onto the end of their lightening service.

If you could save your client money and time in the salon, wouldn’t you? Although my clients are my best friends and I would love to see them every month, it’s unrealistic. In fact, fewer appointments benefit you and your client. For me, it offers some extra time to accept new clients or take some education courses.

Try investing in yourself and your businesses by picking up some new techniques like the Root Tap online. Instagram has become an amazing platform, with free education everywhere and talented artists willing to share their two cents. Find your favorite hashtags and, if you’re like me, get inspired to try a new style on yourself first.

Ashley Luedtke
Ashley Luedtke
Ashley Luedtke is a blonde specialist and educator. She is part of Moroccanoil Pro's MOTROOP team.