Booksy and SharpFade Debut New Initiative to Help Barbers Gain Exposure —Here’s How to Apply


Calling all barbers! If you’ve been looking for the perfect opportunity to put your skills to the test and gain some exposure, now’s your chance. 

Booksy has teamed up with world-renowned barber and SharpFade founder, Byrd Mena to introduce: SharpFade Freshman Class of 2023. As part of this new initiative, Booksy, in partnership with Mena and SharpFade, is looking for the next class of up-and-coming artists in the barber industry. Their judges will be hand-selecting 5 skilled barbers with less than 25K followers on Instagram to make up this year’s Freshman Class. The lucky winners will be announced at Booksy’s Inside the Industry Event in San Antonio on January 14th, 2024.

So just what does it take to join the SharpFade Freshman Class of 2023? Keep scrolling for all of the details as well as a look at all the amazing prizes that are up for grabs.

How to Enter

This year’s theme is centered around recreating the Boss’ Breakfast Collection. Per the initiative’s website, “In the barbering world, the early bird truly catches the worm. So it’s fascinating to discover what fuels the drive and creativity of top industry players—first thing in the morning.” Mena and emerging talent Jorge Espada’s concept campaign, What a Boss Eats for Breakfast, follows this same idea, showcasing each haircut as more than just a style but as an empowering message to start your day right. 

Pictured: SharpFade founder Byrd Mena; Image courtesy of Booksy

To be considered for this year’s Freshman Class, barbers are tasked with staging their own interpretation of the Boss’ Breakfast Collection. Their submission should showcase their full creative potential—meaning great haircuts, unique styling, and intentional wardrobe choice—and should utilize one to three models to bring their work to life. Most importantly, the submission should all come together with high quality photos and video.

According to the initiative’s website, for a submission to be valid, these boxes need to be checked:

  • 1 video in Instagram Reel (vertical) format
  • 3 photos of your final results
  • Add the SharpFade Freshman Class of 2023 logo 
  • Add hashtag #SharpFadeFreshman23
  • Follow @booksybiz and @byrdmena on Instagram 
  • Tag @booksybiz, @byrdmena, and @Trim 

**Important to Note: You must get your submission in by December 14th, 2023. Additionally, the SharpFade Class of 2023 is only open to barbers with fewer than 25K Instagram followers.

The Prize

The winners will receive:

  • 2024 Booksy Ambassador Contract
  • Feature in BarberEVO, one of the world’s most popular barber industry publications
  • Feature on with your bio, photo, and link to your Instagram
  • Feature on @booksybiz & @ByrdMena Instagram pages
  • FREE All-Access Pass to Rise of Hair ($300 value)
  • $500 discount to the SharpFade Partners Program for 2025

For more information about the SharpFade Freshman Class of 2023 initiative and how to apply, be sure to visit Booksy’s website. Good luck!

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