Booksy Debuts New Tap to Pay on iPhone Feature


Booksy is offering an easier and more convenient payment solution for beauty professionals and their clients with its latest launch.

The popular beauty-booking platform recently rolled out its new Tap to Pay On iPhone feature, which turns business owners’ smartphones into contactless point-of-sale (POS) terminals and, ultimately, streamlines the payment process. 

Ideal for businesses of all sizes, Tap to Pay on iPhone eliminates the need for downloading additional software or purchasing expensive POS hardware as the feature is already embedded in the Booksy Biz app. Users can access the feature by ensuring the Booksy Biz app and device software are both up-to-date and then enabling Tap to Pay On iPhone within device settings. By having this option so easily accessible, beauty pros are able to save time, money, and valuable resources while still seeing increased conversation at appointments.

With the Tap to Pay on iPhone feature, Booksy providers can simplify workflows by accepting payments, tracking income, and getting paid—all within the Booksy app. Thanks to a straightforward setup process involving Stripe verification, NFC access and location settings, providers can accept secure and efficient payment transactions within minutes of activation. With the feature, providers only pay when they receive payments and there is a processing fee of 2.49% and $0.20 per transaction.

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“Booky’s Tap to Pay On iPhone is not just a ‘feature,’ it’s a tailored solution meeting the unique needs of diverse beauty professionals, empowering them to conduct transactions seamlessly and efficiently in their specific work environments,” says Stefan Batory, CEO and Co-Founder of Booksy. “We are hyper-focused on ensuring our offerings are aligned with the evolving industry and needs of our providers and their customers. I’m grateful for the team’s ability to keep up with market trends and offer our providers the most up-to-date solutions for their ever-changing business needs.”

The launch of Booky’s Tap to Pay on iPhone comes amid a rapidly evolving business landscape that has seen an increased demand for seamless payment solutions. Providing access to this technology has become crucial for small businesses, especially as consumers continue to go cashless. In fact, according to a recent market analysis report from Grand View Research, 87 percent of shoppers prefer using contactless payments for in-store purchases. By offering this option up to more beauty providers, Booksy is meeting customer demand while mitigating risks and lowering investment costs associated with traditional card readers and plug-in devices. 

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