Bring Back The Bounce

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Curly girls, we know that you love your locks but sometimes they lose a little bit ‘o the bounce. Boy, do we have the answer for you. CHI’s Aloe Vera Curl Reactivating Spray. You heard us, the five-word solution to all curl issues.

Using what we can only assume is literal magic, this spray helps bring life to Day 2 or Day 3 curls. This product is for ANY type of curl; beachy waves, ringlet coils and big boisterous curls, it can do it all.

Not only does it refresh the curls you’ve been rocking the last couple of days, it leaves it shiny and gives them the moisture they need.

Before you become concerned with the oil factor, this product is a light spray that helps accomplish the salon look instead of the in-dire-need-of-a-shower look. Of course it will take a bit of practice and adjustments depending on your hair, but this spray is just too vital to not try. 

The best part of it all, The Tease has it in this month’s subscription box along with a lot of other very valuable styling and beauty products and tools. Make your life easier and get it TODAY!