Business Coach Miki Wright Challenges Stylist to Level Up and Charge What They Are Worth

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This week’s guest was the one and only Miki Wright. For her third episode on Volume Up by The Tease, she talked to Kelly Ehlers about pricing in the salon industry. Miki Wright has a webinar on pricing to help stylists take control of their prices and charge individuals for what their work is worth.

Tune in to learn why stylists don’t charge enough, why they need to charge more and why they need to stop giving services away without charging. Miki covers a bit about what she talks about in her webinar. This includes when the best time might be to raise prices and why clients won’t leave when prices are raised.

Don’t miss out on hearing why you should raise your prices as well as some success stories from Miki!

“And there isn’t necessarily like a one size fits all answer, which is part of the challenge.”

“For us. It’s like one, you know, we’ve got talent, yeah. That’s quite a bit on our education, going and getting training to be able to do that.”

“And, and also, you know, it’s like when we put our pricing in places, like we get to design our schedule, and we get to define our career so that we really enjoy it.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream. 

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey