Celeb Stylist Michael Dueñas on Creating Emma Roberts’ Polished CMT Awards Style


“American Horror Story” actress Emma Roberts was a presenter at last night’s CMT Awards, bringing a bit of Hollywood to Austin, Texas. Teaming up with celebrity hairstylist Michael Dueñas, the pair opted for a style that was inspired by the fit of Roberts’ dress.

Dueñas said, “[the dress] was very fitted yet had movement, a lot of fabric yet it flowed. We wanted the same feeling with her hair.” He added that they were going for “a compressed style that was structured, but moved.” 

The Tease connected with Dueñas about Roberts’ look and he generously shared a detailed breakdown including exactly which Alterna Haircare products he used. To recreate this polished hairstyle, keep scrolling!

Get the Look:

  1. “Starting on damp hair I applied Alterna Caviar Restructuring BOND REPAIR Leave-in Heat Protection Spray. Brushed through from scalp to ends. Followed by Alterna CAVIAR ANTI-AGING Replenishing MOISTURE CC CREAM 10-IN-1 COMPLETE CORRECTION LEAVE-IN. Brushing from mid length to ends.
  2. Using my boar bristle brush I proceeded to flat wrap Emma’s hair with a center part. Compressing volume, and bringing my brush all the way to the ends. 
  3. Once dry, I applied non crease clips to her bangs and behind her ears. Using my flat iron at a low heat setting I flat ironed from mid length to ends with a slight bend at the ends to add softness and close the cuticle. 
  4. After flat ironing, I applied ALTERNA CAVIAR ANTI-AGING Restructuring BOND REPAIR 3-in-1 Sealing Serum. Brushed from scalp to ends and then flat wrapped with heat to distribute evenly and give the hair a soft feel. 
  5. Lastly I sprayed Alterna CAVIAR ANTI-AGING WORKING HAIRSPRAY all over, brushed soft, then used the cool shot on the hairdryer to close the cuticle and remove all frizz. I removed the clips in her hairline and behind the ears, and gave one last spray with the working spray to set and seal the look!”

Planning to recreate this look for your clients, or for yourself? We want to see! Be sure to tag @readthetease on Instagram or TikTok.

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