Celebrity Barber DC Conley on the Return of the Phat Master Blade


Don “D.C.” Conley II, internationally-recognized celebrity barber, barbershop owner, author and Andis® Company Global Educator, knows barber tools. So, when Andis officially reintroduced its cult favorite Phat Master Blade in April 2024, we knew we had to connect. The Phat Master Blade is made of carbon steel blade with a 28-tooth cutter and cuts from 1A-2, leaving hair 1/8-1/4″ long. That said, barbers — especially those just beginning — might not understand why they should add this item to their arsenal.

Scroll for our quick convo on the Phat Master Blade being worth the hype.

The Tease: What do barbers need to know about using the Phat Master Blade?

Don “DC” Conley: The Phat Master isn’t just for seasoned pros; it’s a game-changer for barbers of all levels. From saving time and reducing guesswork to offering unparalleled precision and versatility, this tool empowers barbers to unleash their creativity and take their craft to new heights.

What are some trending styles you can create with the Phat Master Blade?

DC: From classic gentleman fades to intricate textured cuts, the Phat Master blade offers unparalleled versatility. Whether it’s a seamless taper or a bald fade, this tool caters to a diverse range of styles, ensuring every client leaves the chair satisfied.

How do you use the Phat Master blade to create these styles?

DC: The key lies in understanding the blade’s unique features, such as its larger curve and tighter teeth spacing. Starting with precision and gradually building natural graduation, barbers can effortlessly blend different lengths and textures to achieve flawless results.

Why will barbers want this if they didn’t have one before?

DC: The Phat Master isn’t just another tool; it’s an advanced instrument that elevates the barbering experience. With its ability to save time, reduce guesswork, and enhance precision, it’s a must-have for professionals seeking to set themselves apart and deliver top-notch service.

Buy the Phat Master at andis.com ($59.99) and authorized Andis dealers. For more on DC, follow him on Instagram or book a haircut with him the next time you’re in LA.

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