Charcoal – Having A Hair Moment

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We all geeked out when iPhones came out in Charcoal… and based on that inspo we’re now seeing it on the heads of eager trendsetters, this hue is everything every bold, edgy girl dreams of for her hair. But don’t dare refer to this mysterious shade as a variation of black; this sultry silver color is achieved through the ideal balance of both blue and gray.

Charcoal hair is a creative twist on your grandma’s shade – and just ask the hipsters ‘Grandma’s anything’ is hip AF. This rogue color fits no mold, making it as unique, edgy and (NOT) out-of-the-box as those who sport it. We aren’t one’s to shy away from vibrant color, but this trend was too funky not to love.

To the salon pros putting the trend into action, your work will not go unnoticed. This ashy color is sure to turn the heads of those who have the privilege of viewing your client’s luscious charcoal locks.