Clean Beauty Brands Make a Splash at IBE 2020

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On January 29, Indie Beauty Media Group brought IBE to Los Angeles to showcase the innovation and success of independent beauty brands. Catering towards investors, press, influencers and consumers, IBE celebrates “the little guys” by showcasing their products and providing them a space to share their messages.

With the recent announcement of their 2019 ‘Best in Show’ products, we couldn’t wait to see what IBE 2020 would bring!

And what they brought was clean beauty!

Here are just a few of the environmentally friendly, non-toxic brands you can find, and that we loved, at IBE.

Au Naturale

The handcrafted, organic brand promises cosmetics that act as an extension of your skincare. Their Anywhere Creme Multistick not only provides color for your lips, cheekbones and eyes, it also nourishes your skin with essential oils.


Wanting to create a skincare line that is completely chemical free, Zatik products are fully derived from botanicals. The vegan brand uses “nature backed by science” to bring peace of mind to their customers. Because of its natural ingredients, the Glow Moisture Cream delivers deep hydration without leaving a greasy feel.


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Another brand providing clean skincare is Lapcos. Lapcos has a sheet mask for every skin type and need! Rich in vitamin C, the Multi Vita Brightening mask refreshes the skin. And the Charcoal Pore Care mask tightens pores, all while remaining cruelty, paraben and sulfate free.

Johnny Concert

Johnny Concert is another amazing clean beauty brand that we saw at this year’s IBE. Offering products of all kinds, the brand prides itself on its dedication to sustainability. They use skin-soothing, vegan ingredients to manufacture makeup that smooths skin while remaining environmentally friendly.

Don’t worry if you missed IBE Day one! They’re in DTLA today—purchase your tickets here.