CND’s Nailathon Debuts With Nine Hours of Education & Celebration



On Monday, October 5, CND unveiled its first Nailathon. This nine-hour digital event was born out of a need for gathering, celebrating and educating within the nail community. In a year when tradeshows and in-person education have been canceled, CND’s Nailathon sought to fill the void and ring in the holiday season.

Beginning at 11 am EST, registrants tuned in to watch, learn, win and shop. CND Co-Founder Jan Arnold kicked off the event by welcoming viewers and setting the celebratory tone. Then, she handed it off to CND’s Roxanne Valinoti and Barbara Fogleman who hosted the event. Both introduced each segment of the event and the exciting giveaways! Viewers won CND swag including product, accessories and even entries to win a custom piece of couture by the Blonds, straight from Jan Arnold’s closet. 

One of the highlights of the Nailathon was the launch of CND’s new PlexiGel. PlexiGel is a brush-in-bottle gel nail enhancement system that will be available in the United States on January 1. Nail pros demo-ed the gel’s ability when it came to shaping and extending the nail, as well as proper removal with an E-file.

A worldwide cast, including Marian Newman and Samantha Sweet, discussed the hot topic of health and wellness. On the East Coast, Lauren Wireman demonstrated nail art using CND’s holiday collection, Cocktail Couture. Another big announcement was the upcoming partnership between CND and KUPA, as well as the integration of E-filing into the CND curriculum. Finally, the announcement of the NAILS Next Top Nail Artist formally concluded the event. The evening wrapped with a champagne toast to champion Giselle Caballero, who joined the party via Zoom. 

To play up the glamour of the event, the CND team changed wardrobe, makeup and even nails to give viewers an extra dose of inspiration. Arnold wore nail art from each of the NTNA finalists that ranged from Harajuku punk to matte Cubist nails and a crystal-encrusted set with a moveable butterfly ring. Nailathon concluded with cocktails, mocktails and a toast to the holiday season. 

In a year when many broke from tradition, CND’s Nailathon introduced a binge-worthy way to network, shop and learn. Nailathon could be the new virtual nail event of the year!

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