ColorProof’s Jim Markham on the Importance of Staying Connected to Clients


As salon closure orders continue across the country, leaders in the industry are offering relief, discounts and advice to hairstylists who’ve been sidelined now for weeks. Making good on its “color care with a conscience” philosophy, ColorProof Color Care Authority is encouraging stylists to stay positive and connected during this time.

“The stylist community has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic, and we are looking at all avenues to see how we can offer our support,” founder ColorProof Jim Markham explained to The Tease.

Learning with ColorProof

Similar to others in the industry, ColorProof is providing digital education through IGTV, Facebook and online classes. Their goal is to create “positive content to empower [the] community and encourage self-care and wellness […] while serv[ing] as a small distraction from all the negativity on the news.”

Keeping That Connection to Clients

Staying sharp with online education is important, but the brand understands that it isn’t everything. ColorProof has emphasized hairstylists should do everything they can to maintain relationships with their clients.

“The number one thing hairdressers can do right now is stay connected to their clientele,” Markham explained. “We are in the business of people, and it has never been more important to keep your client ties strong. Give them a call, reach out via social media or text. Perhaps schedule a FaceTime, Skype or Zoom chat to make it all the more personal.”

He continues, “Clients are missing you, too, and will be in definite need of a salon visit as soon as this is all over. Now is NOT the time to be shy. Reaching out will help show your loyalty and solidify your stylist/client relationship.”

To keep these relationships strong, Markham recommends that you “host a virtual happy hour or morning coffee chat” for clients. He believes that “these can even lead to an opportunity to sell some products, [so] during your chat, offer personal consultations and recommend treatments like using a mask you love and can sell.”

“Another opportunity is to create at-home color kits for your clients. You know each of your clients’ formulas, preferences and needs, making it easy to put together customized root touch up kits, accompanied by a short video tutorial on how to apply.”

Staying Positive

One last thing ColorProof wants stylists to remember is to remain positive during this time. “We will emerge from this. And when we do, it will be with a renewed sense of appreciation and dedication to doing what we love. We are all in this together.”

Additionally, the brand is working to donate over $200,000 of shampoo and conditioner kits to health care first responders and local homeless shelters.

Go to or follow the brand on social media for upcoming classes and Iives.

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