Covet & Mane Debuts The Coveted Tape Collection—Founder and CEO Dafina Smith Tells All


Fans of tape-in extensions, rejoice! Covet & Mane recently launched its newest innovation that’s set to totally revolutionize the category: The Coveted Tape. Delivering the same Covet & Mane quality that you already know and love, The Coveted Tape offers stylists and their clients a more elevated tape-in experience, thanks to its unique, single-weft design and fast installation as well as removal process. 

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Though The Coveted Tape extensions are applied using a tape-in application method, the links of hair are laid evenly on top of a damage-free, flexible adhesive formula in one continuous weft that flows from one to two points of contact, rather than tape adhesive all over the hair. The beauty of this approach is that it not only allows the extensions to give off the invisibility and curtain effect of hand-tied wefts, but it also distributes the weights of the extensions evenly across the scalp to ensure a more comfortable experience for the clients. This way, stylists can maximize their styling potential and achieve a full range of styles without worrying about the extensions becoming detectable or causing discomfort.

As for The Coveted Tape’s application, a full install—which requires two wefts of hair—takes 30 minutes or less. With the help of the Covet & Mane Extension Release Solution, an alcohol-based solution for rapid release with minimal damage, stylists are able to perform a mess-free and residue-free removal in just 5-10 minutes. Due to the fast and easy nature of the extension’s installation and removal, stylists can see more clients in the day while still ensuring the most natural-looking results.

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“The Coveted Tape was born out of a passion for focusing on the details that others overlook,” said Dafina Smith, Founder and CEO of Covet & Mane. “Offering a better tape-in experience not only makes it faster and easier for our current Covet & Mane stylists to create stunning looks, but it also offers the perfect entry point for artists who are curious about expanding their artistry and revenue with our extension services.”

Featuring extensions that come in both the 18” and 22” lengths, The Coveted Tape Collection offers 12 gorgeous shades for stylists to work with, including the popular Laguna Blonde Baby Root, Bondi Blonde, and Newport Blonde. To ensure that the tape-in extensions would be exactly what stylists need while working behind the chair, Smith spent two years developing the new innovation. In fact, she even partnered with three key stylists—including celebrity hairstylist Glenn Ellis and Graham Nation, as well as Fanse Salon founder Tori Elyse—to test and perfect the extensions, so they would be suitable for all types of working conditions that pros find themselves in, whether that be on set, the red carpet, or in a salon.

Covet & Mane Founder and CEO Dafina Smith; Image courtesy of Covet & Mane

In the interest of learning more about The Coveted Tape, The Tease connected with Smith to discuss the technology behind these game-changing tape-ins extensions and the impact they will have on stylists. Here, she discusses why she felt it was time to set a new standard for tape-in extensions, the joys of innovating in the extensions space, and her future plans for educating stylists. Keep scrolling for all of Smith’s incredible insights. 

The Tease: Congrats on the launch of The Coveted Tape! This collection was two years in the making. Flashback to two years ago, could you speak on some of the things you found lacking with the tape-in extensions experience being offered in salons at the time that drove you to want to innovate in the specific category and create The Coveted Tape?

Dafina Smith: Two years ago, I noticed that there was room for innovation in how tapes were finished. Traditional tapes often featured an adhesive that was shiny and visibly noticeable, which made it difficult to color up to the root, reducing the ability to customize the appearance effectively. I also observed that while innovations like hand-injected tape ends on silk backing were interesting, they still didn’t allow for true color customization underneath. This sparked my desire to innovate. After extensive research and development, including trials with different materials and adhesives, I was inspired by a method I saw on Brazilian TikTok, which used one large band of tape. This discovery led to the development of our unique tape that combines several innovative features, culminating in a product that offers seamless integration and a more natural look.

How does it feel bringing in new innovation to the extensions market at a time when there is so much organic interest and demand for extensions?

Smith: It’s an exhilarating time to introduce innovation into the hair extension market. At Covet & Mane, we place a strong emphasis on supporting stylists by centering them in our journey. This ensures that professionals using our products are well-trained and supported, enhancing both their work and the client experience. Our approach focuses on professional-grade products and education, setting a high standard in the industry.

Image courtesy of Covet & Mane

Can you briefly share what sets The Coveted Tape apart from other tape-in extensions on the market in terms of its design and installation as well as removal method?

Smith: The Coveted Tape is distinguished by its holistic design, which facilitates a natural, hand-tied look with enhanced durability and comfort. Our unique adhesive and removal system are crafted to minimize damage and residue, improving both the application and removal experience. Additionally, the color range and quality of the tape ensure a natural and lasting blend with the client’s hair.

What was it important for you to work with editorial and celebrity stylists to develop The Coveted Tape, and what insights did they bring to the product development process?

Smith: Collaborating with top stylists, especially those who work in fast-paced environments like fashion week and celebrity styling, brings invaluable insights into speed, versatility, and ease of use. These collaborations have significantly shaped the development of Coveted Tape, ensuring it meets the practical needs of stylists under various conditions, including quick changes and high-pressure settings.

Image courtesy of Covet & Mane

The Coveted Tape will be rolling out to stylists later this spring. Can you speak to any planned initiatives to help educate salon professionals on these new tape-in extensions?

Smith: Education is pivotal to the rollout of the Coveted Tape. We are launching a comprehensive educational program, including free resources and an online digital course, to ensure stylists are proficient in the application and customization of the tape. Additionally, our tour starting in June will provide hands-on experiences in major cities, further supporting stylist education and engagement.

In what ways do you hope that The Coveted Tape innovation will help to elevate the extensions experience, for both stylists and their clients, in salons going forward?

Smith: I believe the Coveted Tape will transform the extensions experience by providing a product that not only enhances the stylist’s ability to deliver tailored results but also enriches the client’s experience. With its innovative design and removal method, it offers a comfortable, damage-free experience that clients will appreciate. This innovation aims to make extensions a desirable accessory rather than a necessity, elevating the overall salon experience. 

If you are hoping to get your hands on The Coveted Tape, the collection is currently available by application for stylists in The Covet Collective and will be released to all licensed professionals in late Spring 2024. For more information and to apply to The Covet Collective, make sure to visit the brand’s website. And for all things Covet & Mane, be sure to follow @covetandmane on Instagram.

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