Cream Soda Blonde

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Would it really be the start of a new season if a new hair color didn’t come along with it? Absolutely not. Enter cream soda blonde – the new gradient hair color we’re currently obsessed with.

The chosen hue for fall 2017, cream soda hair is a cooler take on golden blonde falling somewhere between platinum and buttery blonde. According to Refinery29, Los Angeles-based hairstylist Sunnie Brook turned on the trend with her clients. (Her roster is pretty impressive including Hailey Baldwin, Elizabeth Moss and America Ferrera, to name a few.) She describes the look as a beige brown with warm gold tones that can be easily adapted for both blondes or brunettes.

But it gets better. The shade has a face-brightening effect from the golden highlights giving you that coveted natural glow. It’s the perfect transitional shade for brunettes looking to lighten up without going completely blonde.

But peep the looks for yourself. Try to tell us it doesn’t make you want to call up your stylist, ASAP! Get ready, Salon Pros….cream soda hair is takin’ over.