Digitally Controlled Custom Color Is Here. Meet the LG Chi Color Master Factory.

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To close out 2021, Volume Up welcomed Dr. Farouk Shami. Dr. Farouk Shami is the founder of both CHI HAIRCARE and the brand new LG CHI Color Master Factory. Dr. Shami is the owner of 49 patents with 27 patents pending, creating the world’s first ammonia-free hair color. He is known for revolutionizing the hair industry with NASA technology while creating a safer and healthier workplace and environment for both stylists and consumers.

We talked with Dr. Farouk about his background, why he created all these products in the beauty industry and talked in detail about his experiences with the products. The main topic of discussion with Dr. Shami was The LG CHI Color Master Factory. Dr. Farouk teamed up with LG to create a digitally controlled custom color machine and we are betting that it will be the coolest trend of 2022. 

Tune in and turn your volume all the way up to hear all the details about The LG CHI Color Master Factory straight from the creator! It is going to change coloring as we know it.

“So I went back and the lady was awake. Great. I didn’t tell you. I’m allergic to perm solution”

“We know our profession. Yeah, other people don’t know our profession, they just want the money. We are in it for a mission.”

“Every hairdresser can be the colorist they want to be. Finally, it’s at our fingertips.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream.

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey