Dove Cameron is Newly Blonde Thanks to Jacob Rozenberg — Here’s How He Got the Look


Just in time for her birthday, Dove Cameron is back to blonde! In recent years, the “Alchemical” singer has opted for a deep brunette shade (and dark, monochromatic dressing) in favor of her natural color. That all changed with the help of frequent collaborator, and celebrity hairstylist, Jacob Rozenberg who undertook a complete transformation with Schwarzkopf lightener, toner and color.

Cameron revealed the new look in an Instagram post that has amassed more than 3 million likes. The Tease connected with Rozenberg about the process and he graciously shared their inspiration and exact formulas. Keep scrolling for more.

“When doing a massive color correction, you really need to let the hair dictate how light you can get the hair before you give any inspiration of where you want to end up. Once I could tell her hair was going to lift beautifully and stay healthy, we picked a couple inspiration photos from Doves’ archive, as she’s been blonde her whole life until three years ago,” said Rozenberg. He continued, “Some images were lived-in rooty blondes, others were more platinum. I didn’t want to compromise the integrity so we decided against pushing her hair too far and to opt for her natural color with balayage through the ends.”

Get the Look:

According to Rozenberg, Dove started with level 3 brown hair which had previously been colored, last year, an intense red color. She had 1/4″ of regrowth. Lightener was applied in sections and occurred over multiple days. Sections were worked on separately. Starting in the back, then sides, followed by the top with the hairline last.



  • Toned with IGORA VIBRANCE 10-12, 10-19, and 0-00 (1:1:2) + 1.9% 6 volume activator.
  • Melted root area down 3” with IGORA VIBRANCE 9-55 & 7-55 (3:1) with 1.9% 6 volume activator

Adding Dimension

  • Added lowlights with IGORA VIBRANCE 8-19, 8-11, and 7-1 (1:1:1/4)  with 1.9% 6 volume activator
  • Added babylights: New growth to line of demarcation: IGORA VIBRANCE 8-11 + 8-19 (1:1) / Mid-lengths 4 inches from ends 8-11 + 8-19 + 0-00 (1:1:2) (all with 1.9% 6 volume activator / Left ends out/
  • All over Gloss – IGORA VIBRANCE 10-1 + 10-19 + 0-00 (1:1:1) with 1.9% 6 volume activator
  • Used FIBRE CLINIX Hydrate shampoo and conditioner

Inspired by Cameron’s transformation? Us too! For more on Schwarzkopf be sure to follow on Instagram.

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