Everything We Know About Halsey’s New Makeup Brand


On January 4th, musician and actress Halsey took to Instagram to announce her latest venture. The “Without Me” singer, who is known for her love for makeup, is officially joining the beauty industry with her new brand, About-Face. About-Face is “inspired by and for our diverse and artistic community” and is set to officially launch on January 25th.

According to the brand’s site, About-Face is all about self-expression and celebrating what makes us unique. “We are built on the truth that no one is just one thing—humans are weird, complex and entirely beautiful because of it. Everyone has their own messy, mad and personal method to becoming our greater selves.” Halsey hopes that About-Face will provide users with the tools needed to reach that level of individualism and authenticity.

Makeup for Everyone, Everywhere

About-Face currently offers makeup products for the face, lips and eyes, along with tools and accessories. With several different choices of lip gloss, lip pencils, highlighters, eye shadows and more, the brand is “made for the many of you” and was completely created by Halsey herself. The singer revealed on Twitter that she played a part in the entire process of the brand’s inception, which has taken 2-3 years to bring to life:

She also revealed that “every detail of this from shade names, to product ingredients, to packaging was [her].” Not to mention, About-Face is completely vegan and cruelty-free.

Fan Reactions

After years of doing her own makeup for award shows, magazine shoots and even album covers, the news of Halsey’s line didn’t come as a surprise to longtime fans. Listeners took to Twitter to share their excitement for the new products. One user got emotional while making a purchase from the brand’s site:

Another shared her dedication to Halsey:

And user @17MINUTESX applauded the artist for all her hard work in the last year:

About-Face is available for preorder now, with orders expected to ship starting January 25th. Click here to browse the line and be sure to follow Halsey on Instagram for more exciting announcements.

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