Everything You Need to Know About L.I.V.E. 312 – LOCAL INDUSTRY VIVID EXPERIENCE



On the evening of April 21st, the vibrant heart of Rosemont will beat in neon rhythms at Joe’s LIVE, where the L.I.V.E.312 event unfolds its vivid colors. This event, produced by CBC – Chrystofer Benson Collective and the Official after party for America’s Beauty Show is set to be a celebration of artistic expression and creative community.

As the doors swing open at 6:30 PM, attendees are greeted with the promise of an evening filled with surprises and innovative showcases. The free general admission ensures that the event is accessible to all, encouraging a diverse crowd to experience the neon glow theme that defines the night. Early arrivals are in for a treat, with special prizes that add a layer of excitement to the anticipation.

L.I.V.E.312 stands for Local Industry Vivid Experience, a name that encapsulates the event’s spirit. It’s a platform where local talents share the stage with internationally renowned artists, creating a tapestry of performances that illuminate the night. This melding of local and global talent under the neon lights is a testament to the event’s inclusive and expansive nature. CBC’s founder Chrystofer Benson shares, “This event is all about bringing our industry together with the community. We wanted to give local artists the opportunity to share the stage with seasoned artists, and showcase unity from all sides of our industry. We will be showcasing 40 artists who will be sharing everything from styling, to cutting, to braiding, to barbering.”

CBC – Chrystofer Benson Collective, known for its innovative approach to art and fashion, is at the helm, ensuring that L.I.V.E.312 is more than just an event — it’s a movement. The collective’s artistic direction is evident in the carefully curated experiences and collaborations that define the evening, offering a glimpse into the future of artistic expression. Benson shares “We have many incredible brands supporting this event, but ultimately we get the opportunity to share from an unbranded platform and just celebrate art in its purest form.”

The night is not just about the visual spectacle; it’s an auditory journey too, with live DJs crafting the soundtrack to the neon-soaked evening. We will also have LIVE performances with custom music created specifically for this artistic event. This blend of music and visual art creates a pulsating atmosphere that invites guests to dance, mingle, and immerse themselves in the creative energy that L.I.V.E.312 exudes.

Beyond the entertainment, L.I.V.E.312 serves as a conduit for connection and networking. It’s a gathering where industry professionals, artists, and enthusiasts converge, fostering a space for collaboration and inspiration. This networking opportunity, set against the backdrop of a neon glow, is a cornerstone of the event, embodying the communal spirit that drives the artistic and beauty sectors.

With its inclusive ethos, L.I.V.E.312 is an event that extends beyond the confines of the beauty industry, welcoming anyone drawn to the allure of artistic innovation and neon brilliance. As a production of CBC – Chrystofer Benson Collective, the event is poised to be a landmark in Chicago’s cultural calendar, setting the stage for a night where artistry and imagination illuminate the cityscape.

Come join us at JOE’S LIVE in Rosemont on Sunday April 21st — doors open at 6:30 and entrance is first come first enter for all general admission tickets — so make sure to come early to get your spot! 

Header Image Credits

BIOLUMINESCENCE collection by Brayden Pelletier; Hairstylist: Brayden Pelletier @justbhair; Photographer: Chrystofer Benson @cbensonhair; MUA: Tatiana Kazana @tatianakazana; Wardrobe: Hannah Benson @hannah.patricia.benson

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