Everything You Need to Know About Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty


Joining the likes of Rihanna, Kesha and many other celebrity beauty gurus is Selena Gomez. The actress-turned-singer announced in February that she is launching a beauty line called Rare Beauty. With a mission “to shape conversations around beauty, self-acceptance and mental health,” Rare Beauty is all about embracing your authentic self.


It’s more than just a beauty brand

Gomez wants her beauty brand to be different and make fans and customers feel special and rare. “Being rare is about being comfortable with yourself,” she shares in the above video promo. “I want us all to stop comparing ourselves to each other and start embracing our own uniqueness. You’re not defined by a photo, a like or a comment.”

Along with products that make customers feel good about themselves, Rare Beauty also has a goal of creating a community. “We want to help people get more access to support and services, and help people feel more authentically connected to one another and less alone in the world,” they share in an Instagram post.


Additionally, Gomez has made sure to use real people with real stories to represent the brand, even starting the #WeAreRare campaign, which encourages Instagram users to use their voice to share what makes them unique. Fans and followers also had the opportunity to apply to be included in a photoshoot for the campaign. However, the COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately caused a delay.

What to expect

As for what products fans can expect from the beauty line, very little has been announced. However, Gomez revealed to Amy Schumer and Interview Magazine that the line includes 48 different shades of foundation and concealer. Gomez also promised Schumer she would create a mascara that doesn’t clump. Fans can also expect to see lipsticks, shadows and highlighter in the line, which were teased in the brand’s promo.


The announcement of Rare Beauty wasn’t a surprise to Gomez’s die-hard fans. It was reported in August 2019 that she had trademarked a beauty line that may include fragrances, cosmetics and more.

Get your hands on Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty when it hits shelves at Sephora and on rarebeauty.com this summer.

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