Express Services Take Center Stage at Wella’s Recent Creative Nights


On March 20th, Wella Company opened its beautiful LA studio for a Wella Creative Nights event. Filled with a wide array of delicious hors d’oeuvres, the brand’s second Creative Nights was an exciting opportunity to play with Wella’s newest product, Koleston Xpress, and others, first-hand, trendy photo opps, generous goodies and samples, and even a colorful OPI activation. The company’s president, Yannis Rodocanachi, and CEO, Annie Young-Scrivner, made an appearance, stepping on the stage to give in-depth speeches and exclusive insights into the brand’s story, goals, and mission. The highlight and ultimate star of the night was Koleston Xpress!

The revolutionary product uses an innovative Control-X technology which provides full gray coverage and prevents over-processing. The best part? It works in as little as ten minutes. Proof of the product line’s full power and speed were presented via live demonstrations on various models by brand ambassadors Daniel Mora Ayala and Briana Cisneros. The two pros also gave a plethora of beauty tips and tricks to using the Koleston Xpress as an advantageous and exciting tool in their toolbox.

It’s clear that not only does Wella understand that time is money for the client and stylist, but also that evolution can’t be achieved without innovation and testing new limits. After a lot of research and hard work, the brand successfully found the balance and harmony between luxury and efficiency with the creation of the Koleston Xpress.

Its beauty lies within its ability to provide consistent color, coverage, and shine at a luxury and professional level while using speed to its advantage – something that hasn’t been mastered until now. Wella Creative Nights was a catalyst for launching Koleston Xpress into the beauty industry.

With another successful Creative Nights and the all-new Koleston Xpress, Wella continues to find ways to seamlessly blend science, artistry, experience, and community. For more on Wella, be sure to follow on Instagram and TikTok.

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Lauren Santia

Lauren Santia is an LA based editorial contributor for the Tease. In her free time, she can be found thrifting, creating, or trying new drinks at a local coffee shop.

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