Fall 2020 Trend Alert: Hide & Seek Rainbow Hair


Fashion shade creation is a true art form. Whether you’re dishing out multicolored dimension or making jaws drop with a single loud and bold shade, creative color always makes a statement. Lately, we’ve noticed a technique that’s catching our eyes no matter how much it tries to hide: Hide and Seek Rainbow Hair.

There have been multiple evolutions of #rainbowhair over the years, from unicorn-inspired to mermaid hair and even blacklight shades. Now, when it comes to the Hide and Seek trend, placement is just as important as blending. We tracked a few rainbow hair aficionados to see how they’re incorporating the trend and how you can #GetTheLook in your chair!

Rainbow Ribbons

Josh Rainville (@fabhairbyjosh) is a Pulp Riot educator and crew member for ColorTrak. He’s known for his proprietary #haloprism technique that “creates a veil of color that lays over everything else.” With a solid shade as his base, the hand-painted, rainbow sections have more contrast and ability to pop. By leaving an untouched horseshoe section at this client’s crown and painting horizontal sections, Josh created these beautiful, holographic ribbons that peek out perfectly. 

Half & Half

Next we have another Pulp Riot educator and ColorTrak crew member (plus Olivia Garden ambassador) that’s on-trend with the fashion shades. Jessica Powers (@jessicapowerspaints) owns Blank Canvas Salon and serves up multicolor masterpieces on the reg. For this look, she collaborated with Lynda Luz Chaves Galicia (@lyndadidit) to take color blocking to a new and spooky level. With one true black half and another that’s bright and prismatic, there’s no ignoring this color. For us, the rainbow look screams less “Peekaboo!” and more “Here I Come!”

Color Curls

Although this trend looks beautiful on gentle curls, don’t get it twisted. Hide and Seek hair can live on coily clients too! Neal Malek (@nealmhair) shows how the hand-painted nature of this technique makes it perfect for all textures. Not to mention that more volume and tighter curls means more places for your rainbow color to show up. After lifting, pre-tone for an even base. Then, choose between the Prism Halo technique or applying one color to a single section. This texture’s natural shape will make Hide and Seek color pop no matter what.

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Finally, the truest example of the Hide and Seek trend shows up on another look by Neal Malek. We think this look is described best as the color equivalent of a mullet –– i.e. business in the front and party in the back. This trend variation is perfect for clients who regularly wear their hair up or want to try rainbow creative color while preserving some versatility. Focus your color on a triangular section at the nape. As a result, you’ll create a surprise statement for onlookers that can be hidden as-needed.

These artists have the trend down. Which version of the look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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