Female Buzzcut for The Win

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Formally a symbol of rebellion and angst, the buzz cut is back and better than ever…but they’re not just for the boys. Enter the female buzz cut: a cut fit for the most daring, unique and badass babes. Salon Pros, take note.

Popping up all over Hollywood, more celebs than ever before are picking up the buzzer for movie roles. But the cut is not just for the job – these rebel trendsetters are keeping the style because they damn well can. If you ask us, it makes sense: the cut is low-maintenance, flattering and keeps you feeling and, more importantly, we think it’s hot.

Amongst the slew of edgy buzzcuts we’ve seen lately, Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne are just two on a long list of buzzes we’re lovin’ on. And with that, pop culture has welcomed back this length (or lack of) with surprising enthusiasm.

Although lopping off your locks does require a dose of courage, those willing to face the scissors will reap the rewards. Today, a shaved head is a sure sign of confidence, determination and a flatout renegade. While some still believe that a women is meant to have long, flowing locks to contribute to her femininity, we’re sure you can look just as radiant and feminine with a buzz cut like these.