Fight Hair Pollution with HSP’s “Beautiful Rebel” Box


This feature is in conjunction with paid inclusion in the Hello Salon Pro by The Tease June Box.

Salons are reopening and honestly, we’ve become a little more curious about what’s going in and on our bodies. We’ve bought masks, sanitizer and gloves. Still, we’re wondering how else we can protect ourselves — and our hair!

You’ve probably heard of free radicals roaming the air and water, but DYK they strip hair of its nutrients and tarnish your color? Seriously! This is an issue we won’t stand for any longer. So, it’s time to fight hair pollution, and we’ve got just the thing.

In partnership with Revlon Professional, HelloSalonPro’s “Beautiful Rebel” box keeps hair protected with five anti-pollution products from the Magnet™ line. From lightening to washing, we have the products to help you create a healthier, more beautiful color journey every step of the way. Not to mention, you can get it all in one easy-to-access box! Read on for the details:


First, we’re saving the metal for our headphones — not our hair. Revlon Professional Magnet Pollution Neutraliser uses blending technology to protect hair from water-borne free radicals. Eliminate 90% of harsh metals when you add this product to your color or highlight. Plus, bump up vibrancy with its Keratin Reinforcer, Arginine and Chelating Agents.


News flash: Poor water quality is hitting your clients hard after their color treatment. But no shame! It’s easy to miss the minerals and metals that build up in our water. However, Revlon Professional’s Magnet Color Lock Repairing Shampoo will wash pollution away in just one use. Seal in vibrancy, strengthen the hair shaft and remove buildup.


A favorite step in skincare, micellar water is now washing over hair artists too! Experience it for yourself with the Revlon Magnet Micellar Cleanser. This shampoo gathers and removes pollution particles as you wash. Additionally, it lengthens moisture with Moringa seed oil and revitalizes the scalp with refreshing menthol.


Of course, we all love a good mask and chill session. To start yours, cocoon strands in a protective layer of Revlon Professional’s Magnet Anti-Pollution Restoring Mask. Enriched with moringa seed extract, keratin and panthenol, this formula is bomb for repairing fiber damage. Plus, soak in those good hair vibes and keep out metals and minerals when you apply this ultra-deep cream. Hair is left feeling soft and color radiant.


Finally, complete your routine with Revlon Professional’s Anti-Pollution Daily Shield. For pollution protection as you sleep, this set-it-and-forget treatment soaks in overnight. Got some time before bed? Follow up an evening color service or care routine with this luxurious mist. Then, rest easy knowing your tresses are safe from UV light and air pollution until your next wash. The shield blocks free radicals, frizz and second-day-hair scent.

Who expected going back to the outside world to be such a challenge? With these anti-pollution products in hand, we feel confident and ready to take on this crazy new normal. Even though this has been a trying time, our industry is coming out more informed and ready to live our best lives!

Are you ready to make the change? Stock your anti-pollution routine with staples from the Revlon Professional Magnet line, all in this month’s Hello Salon Pro “Beautiful Rebel” box by The Tease.

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