Finals Flash Cards or Product Prototype? This College Graduate Did Both

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This week’s guest was recent college graduate and entrepreneur Amber Byrd. Amber started her company, AB Glitz,  in high school as a makeup company and has evolved into a braiding company, now launching their first product, the Braid Aid. Their official launch was on September 13th. 

Amber came on the podcast this week to talk all about how she got started with both the company and the Braid Aid. She walked us through her college experience as well as her experience coming up with and developing her product right at Mercer University with the help of professors and other college entrepreneurs. 

Amber is an inspiration to all young entrepreneurs and business owners with her work ethic, her creativity and her passion for her company. Don’t miss out on hearing all about Amber and go get your Braid Aid at AB Glitz today!

“There wasn’t a lot of people who knew how to braid hair. So I was tired of looking a mess. And I had to do it myself.”

“And from that, I’m not really sure where my brain went, I had just got the new iPad and the pencil, so I just wanted to doodle. And from that pencil, I started sketching out the braid aid and I pause and I was like, wait, this, this is kinda cool!”

“But as we continue to develop and create more tools, hopefully, that initial costs will go down and we can go into more of an injection molding type phase.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream.

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey