Finding Peace to Pivot your Business in “Unprecedented Times”


I remember sitting in the JFK airport on March 6th watching CNN intently with my other fellow travelers waiting for our flights, glued to the anchors’ every word as he spoke about the Coronavirus and the increased rate of infections in Seattle and New York City. I felt my stomach churn as I started thinking about how this would affect me, my family, and of course, my business.

I founded my company GeChar (@gecharpresents), a boutique entertainment and production company, my first semester in graduate school. From that moment on, I prided myself on working meticulously with clients to grow my company into a recognized national, niche agency. Since my work consists of live events geared toward large audiences, COVID-19 was a threat to my company’s current clients and could have long-term effects on how we do business. But being the Capricorn and survivor I am, I pulled from my Survival Toolkit and went into sustain and resilience mode. Part of that toolkit consists of will power, finding strength in stillness, pinpointing the challenges I needed to transform, and investing my time wisely into something new to get me through — what my intuition was telling me would be life-altering times.

It was tough in the first few weeks, as my business found itself with agreements being placed on hold. It was during this time that I decided that I needed a deep emotional shift in order to connect with God, get in tune with my imagination and creative power (x 200) in order to work through all the unfathomable news that filled the airwaves. I decided to start a daily meditation practice, to plug into my internal energy source that enabled me to trust the vision that was becoming clearer and clearer each day.

My inner visionary gently nudged me to make a decision to pivot my business. It wasn’t based on the frantic reactions that were taking place around me, but rather to set a new course that would change the look and feel of the empowerment and inspirational work, upon which GeChar had built rapport and success.

The upcoming restructuring and rebrand of GeChar is based on elevating our core values by creating our own content and bringing that content to larger audiences online, through social media and partners who have similar values. 

My business journey has been a unique one. I am blessed that my thoughts and actions have landed me in the right places at the right times. I was catapulted into a space, and that allowed me to redefine what GeChar represents and how we will move into the future.

My advice to individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners reading this: Allow yourself the space to organically let your thoughts unfold with no judgment, plug into your inner visionary, and trust you know who you and your brand are better than anyone else.

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