For Alli Webb, Co-Founder of Dry Bar, The Hustle is Real

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What do Superbowl, Gorilla Glue and Geico have in common? Kelly Ehlers and Jeffery Lunnen kicked off the show with nods to these hot topics from the week.

Alli Webb is this week’s guest. You’ll know Alli from The DryBar, Squeeze, Shark Tank and so so much more. She is an industry icon and built her empire off of her career as a professional stylist. Now, it’s time for her next stage in her career, to find the entrepreneurs she believes in and pay it forward. This is precisely what happened with the brand that she just launched on her podcast this Sunday, Becket + Quill.

Alli talks about her early experiences including starting in fashion and eventually getting into her hair career. She explains how Dry Bar got started and how each stop along her journey played a pivotal part in preparing her to make Dry Bar such a successful business.

“So it really did feel like we were capturing lightning in a bottle and it’s hard to do.”

“It was like a snowball effect. I was saying no, way more than I was saying yes.”

“What she has done so well is make things look and feel expensive, but not have the expensive price tag”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream.

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey