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LeChat may be the French word for our feline friends, but don’t worry. This isn’t a high school French lesson, this is high-quality, great color nails.

For almost 25 years, LeChat has been setting the standard for the nail game. In 1993, they released their Gelée Powder Gel System, giving nail artists a stronger, more durable base to work with and make our #nailgoals come true. Want to add some color to your gel tips? No worries, LeChat has you covered. With their 3-in-1 Nail Color Powder, your nails can shine with the perfect color, or even get finished off with an ombre.

Once your nails are perfectly polished and ready to go, top them off with a killer selection of colors from LeChat. From their spectra shades, to their newest upcoming release, IndieFest, they’ve got your tips covered no matter the summer vibe you’re rocking this summer.

Like what you’re hearing? Do your nails a favor this summer and subscribe to Hello Salon Pro to get some LeChat in your life.