GLO-ing Up: A New Recycling Program Aims to Clean Up the Salon Professional Industry

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Starting in January 2020, salons nationwide can clean up their act with GLO Recycling—a new recycling service. GLO, which stands for Green Life Organization, claims to be “the easiest on-demand salon recycling program ever.”

Its mission is to help salons “recycle beautifully while enhancing their culture of sustainability.” Because not all salons are able to make conscious decisions about their waste, GLO has taken on the logistical challenges and is ensuring that “100% of salon waste is given a Second Life®” by recycling items that were previously non-renewable.

Once salon owners subscribe, GLO will mail out collection containers on a monthly basis, where the salons will be able to fill it up with hair clippings, mixed items (think: gloves, foils, used shampoo and conditioner bottles, etc.), aerosol cans and flammable items, like nail polish and perfume. Once the containers are filled, the salons will present them to a UPS driver or set up a shipment with a prepaid shipping label. After the waste is picked up, GLO will sort and weigh the items and then recycle them, guaranteeing that zero waste will end up in landfills.

For a salon with an average clientele of 300 customers a month, GLO recommends a budget of $200-$350 per month for their services. However, once the program launches, salons can customize the services they use, and there will also be one flat fee per service. GLO promises to donate at least 1% of all sales to environmental non-profits.

GLO Recycling launches in January 2020, and the waitlist is now open.