Glory Skincare Offers Clean Products Curated for Women of All Hues


One brand taking the beauty industry by storm is Glory Skincare. Founded by Alisia Ford, Glory encourages all women to clean up their skincare routine with a monthly subscription box. From moisturizers and masks to cleansers and sunscreens, Glory offers data-driven, non-toxic products from brands like Black Girl Sunscreen, NOTO and more. And as a Black-owned brand, they encourage all women —especially women of color— to make educated decisions about their skin health.

Curated Just for You

Built on the belief that women of color should be at the forefront of the beauty industry, Glory prioritizes providing products that are accessible and made just for you. To curate the perfect subscription box, the brand provides a quiz to nail down what products will work best for your skin. The quiz, which contains twelve questions, takes into account skin tone, skin type, age and more to create a skincare routine made specifically with you in mind.

The SkincareBox comes in three different options: the essentials box that contains three products, the inaugural box with five products and the premium box, which contains seven products.

Additionally, Glory also offers a WellnessBox that contains hand-selected, self-care essentials that you pick out yourself. And if subscription boxes aren’t for you, no worries! You can also purchase Glory-approved products by themselves on the site.

Clean Products for All

To ensure that every product sold is good for you and the environment, Glory uses an extensive approval process that includes five careful steps. After seeking out women and minority owned skincare brands, Glory then analyzes every ingredient used in their products and consults experts on those they are unfamiliar with. They then move on to testing the performance of the products and get to know the brand behind them. Finally, if the brand and products are a fit, Glory adds them to the site and shares them with customers!

On top of their five-step approval process, Glory is very particular about the safety of the products they sell. To ensure that each item is “clean” and free from harmful chemicals, Glory has developed a Toxic Twenty list of unsafe ingredients that aren’t allowed in their skincare lineup. If a product includes one of the ingredients on the list, they will not be sold on the site.

Needless to say, Glory Skincare truly does curate the perfect skincare routine with you and your health in mind. And we are so here for it!

Click here to get your hands on a subscription box. And be sure to follow Glory Skincare on Instagram for more.

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