Good Dye Young: Working To Change The Narrative of Bright-Colored Hair


Think of one of the most iconic music looks from the late 2000’s. If it isn’t Hayley Williams from Paramore then we think you are simply lying. 

Hayley Williams’ bright-colored hair has always been a topic of conversation, from it’s “too much” to “it’s everything” and everywhere in between. While Hayley got to wear this now iconic look, Brian O’Connor got to create this image that many now see as their childhood. 

Brian O’Connor started as Hayley’s stylist right before her band went off and “got big”. He describes her iconic “Misery Business” look as just two kids having fun. Once her band took off, she asked Brian to start touring with her and he now works to create her looks on and off the stage around the world. 

The two have since then decided to start two hair businesses together, Fruits Hair Lab, a salon in Nashville, Tennessee, and Good Dye Young, a hair color company that produces semi-permanent dye that delivers ultra-vibrant color & hair-healthy ingredients. 

While continuing to travel the world the duo worked to create their colors and salon exactly how they wanted to see the world with love, acceptance and the brightest hair possible. Brian O’Connor, the mastermind behind Hayley’s hair and co-founder of both Good Dye Young and Fruits Hair Lab, joined Volume Up to talk about his journey, rewriting the rules on bold hair hues, and celebrating who you are. 

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“We just thought we were being weird, fun, having fun playing around, you know. Like we were just doing things that we thought were cool shit. To us, that wasn’t about creating this, iconic image, if you will.”

“It’s about just showing people and representing yourself how you want to be seen. And some days I want to just be me and I want to blend in and other days I want to be Ex-girl Hot Pink or, you know, like Cowabunga Green or Glow On or Steal My Sunshine, whatever it may be…It’s all part of me….”

“As long as it’s great hair, with no hatred…then you got it. Like that world is your oyster.”

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