Hair Tinsel is the Glitzy Trend Taking TikTok By Storm


TikTok always has a way of making the uncool suddenly cool again. Case in point: those early-aughts chunky highlights that so many of us used to think were totally cringe-worthy quickly became one of the biggest hair trends of the last year thanks to the social media platform. And, now the latest trend to find its way out of the 2000s archive? Hair tinsel.

Tinsel-embellished hair—also known as “fairy hair”—has completely taken TikTok by storm, with the hashtag #hairtinsel racking up over 75 million views on the app alone. But, despite the fact that tinseled tresses are seeing a surge in popularity right now, it should be known that this blingy hair look is in no way “new”. Back in 2010, Queen Bey introduced us all to the dazzling hair-enhancing powers of tinsel when she showed up to the Grammy Awards rocking gorgeous shimmery strands.

Unsurprisingly, her blingy hair look caught on—albeit a few years later—and by 2019, Kacey Musgraves was sporting tinsel in her ponytail during a performance in New Orleans, channeling My Little Pony hair, in the best kind of way. More recently, Katy Perry was spotted with strands of iridescent tinsel running through her hair while out promoting her upcoming Vegas residency. 

But, as much credit is given to TikTok (and, in small part, celebrities) for resurfacing hair tinsel, much should also be given to hair brands like Goddess Glitter for completely elevating the popular hair accent as a whole. The glitter hair extensions brand, which was founded by hairstylist Kelsea Jensen, has breathed new life into the hair tinsel category with their Glitterlites—tiny, shimmering hand-tied extensions that are wearable year-round. Often viewed as tinsel’s hot step-sister by many fans of the brand, their hair tinsels have garnered quite the following online.

Photo courtesy of Goddess Glitter

As for why hair tinsel has been seeing such a massive resurgence lately? Jensen attributes much of the interest to the fact that these glittery strands simply make people happy. 

“The joy of seeing these little sparkles in your hair is unbeatable,” she says. “It’s a way of adorning yourself in a semi-permanent way. How fun is it to jump out of the shower or a turquoise ocean, hair wet and undone, and it’s still sparkling.”

It also doesn’t hurt that hair tinsels like Glitterlites have a relatively simple application process—one that requires zero risk (no commitment, unlike with a haircut or new hair color), zero damage (it’s chemical-free!), and no maintenance as the strands are tied to a single hair and will shed naturally on their own, according to Jensen. 

Photo courtesy of Goddess Glitter

While there are many different hair tinsels on the market, with their own unique method of application, Goddess Glitter sets itself apart from the rest by offering four-ply tinsel strands that are not only the strongest  and most delicate available but also happen to work well on curly hair textures. 

“If you have naturally curly hair, Glitterlites can still be an option!” Jensen says. “They won’t hold a perfect curl all the time, but they can finger wrap into curls and look so lovely.” 

Photo courtesy of Goddess Glitter

For anyone ready to book a salon appointment and get some tinseled hair of their own, it might be a good idea to do a bit of research first. “Technique and quality product matters and makes all the difference,” Jensen says. “Decide on whether you’re looking for a tinsel or a more natural, but just as fun Glitterlite look and find a hairstylist who provides that service.”

To find a list of certified hair pros to help with your Glitterlites installation or purchase some Glitterlites of your own, be sure to visit Goddess Glitter’s official website or follow @goddessglitterhair on Instagram for more information. 

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