Hair Typing Just Went 3D Thanks to MYAVANA’s Groundbreaking New System


MYAVANA is making a case for a new hair typing system that takes a 3D approach to analyzing hair. 

Last month, the beauty tech company debuted its “Definitive HairID Hair Typing Infographic” and “The Definitive Healthy Hair Care Guide: Understanding Type, Texture, & Condition”, which together make up a new updated hair typing system that allows consumers and hair professionals to easily identify their true HairID rather than just their hair type or texture. Spearheaded by the company’s Chief Hair Officer & Head of R&D Robin Groover, MYAVANA’s new system shifts hair typing from 2D to 3D, incorporating all dimensions of our unique hair characteristics to provide comprehensive insight into our hair’s present condition, its transformative nature, and its unique needs.

Elevating Hair Typing From 2D to 3D

For the last 30 years, 2D hair typing has been the norm. Back in the 1990s, celebrity hairstylist Andre Walker created the first hair typing system called the Andre Walker Hair Typing System (aka The Hair Chart) and it quickly gained popularity, ultimately becoming the standard used across the hair industry by consumers and hairstylists alike. This commonly-used system divides hair into four categories based on its shape or curl patterns, ranging from 1a (the straightest) to 4c (the most tightly coiled).  

Speaking on Walker’s influence on hair typing, Groover shared, “During a transformative era when women were embracing the discovery of their natural hair, he generously shared his insights and ignited an eclectic wave of hair discussions. He provided just the right amount of information to pique women’s curiosity.”

MYAVANA’s updated hair typing system pays homage to Walker’s legacy while taking things a step further with the help of its own AI technology. To create its Definitive Healthy Hair Care Guide and Definitive HairID Hair Typing Infographic, MYAVANA combined proprietary data from the analysis of over two billion hair strands, in-house expert insights, and national surveys, distilling the top 18 findings regarding hair type, hair texture, hair condition, and factors impacting healthy hair. Now, with its own hair typing system in place, MYAVANA has been able to discover over 972 unique hair combinations rather than just the 12 combinations characterized under the traditional Andrew Walker Hair Typing System.

Identify Your True HairID

Serving as a key part of MYAVANA’s new hair typing system, the Definitive HairID Typing Infographic helps consumers easily identify their true HairID. Taking into consideration six factors of hair beyond curl pattern, hair typing moves from the simplistic 1a-4c to a holistic and three-dimensional HairID that might look like 3b2c1a. This newly added dimension allows consumers and hair pros to understand elements like elasticity, porosity, and density which impact the care and products needed when tending to specific hair types.

A close up of MYAVANA’s Definitive HairID Typing Infographic. Image courtesy of MYAVANA

“There are variables that you can’t see  just from looking at [a person’s hair]—namely, condition. You can only see it at the microscopic level,” said Candace Harris, MYAVANA Co-Founder and CEO. “Texture, type, and condition create your unique HairID.”

Groover adds, “Embarking on the journey of understanding your hair is an exploration of identity, culture, and self-expression. Our mission is to empower you with knowledge about your hair’s diverse characteristics, guiding you towards a holistic approach to care that resonates with the intricate beauty of your own narrative.”

MYAVANA encourages consumers and hair pros to save the Definitive HairID Typing Infographic for personal use as well as to share with friends. Additionally, consumers can visit MYAVANA’s website to opt-in for 20% off their MYAVANA hair strand analysis kit to identify their HairID and receive a personalized healthy hair care plan using code MYHAIRID at checkout, while supplies last. 

To download MYAVANA’s Definitive Healthy Hair Care Guide, be sure to click here. And for all things MYAVANA’s be sure to follow @myavanahaircare on Instagram. 

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