Hairapy and HR with Pepper Pastor

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Sometimes being a hairstylist can feel as though you are moonlighting as a therapist as well. Pepper Pastor, an organizational psychologist and hairstylist, joined us this week to talk about the phenomenon that is “hairapist”.

Pepper talked with us about her bio in both fields and how they come together now. She also gave us her hindsight on “hairapy” in salons. Pepper expressed why she thinks this is so popular as well as what are the implications it causes to the stylist and sometimes the salon. She goes beyond that and gives her opinion on what steps can be taken to improve this for our stylists. 

Beyond “hairapy”, Pepper talked with us about emotional IQ. She talked with us about the meaning of Emotional IQ, what it means for stylists, and how to connect stylists with their Emotional IQs so that they can improve themselves!

Tune into this episode to hear about all things “hairapy” and Emotional IQ with Pepper Pastor. 

“I was good at being creative, great. But I realized I developed people, and I realized ‘Oh I’m in talent management.”

“It’s something that I definitely ruminate on time and time, again, is that there really is no HR in the beauty industry. And it is a very big concern.”

“And I say that because there is a tendency, as a hairstylist that you get in your car, or you get on the subway, and you leave the salon, you do not want to talk to an effing soul.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream.

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey