Hairstylist Kathy Nunez Answers 9 Questions about L’Oreal’s Metal Detox



We all love surprises, except when it comes to our hair coloring services. There’s nothing worse than trying to carry out a successful color application for your client only to be left with unexpected results, like say a patchy all-over color or worse—orange-tinted strands. 

Unfortunately, surprises like these are pretty much inevitable thanks to the appearance of heavy metals, like copper, in our water, aka “hard water”. You see, with every wash or shower, these metals in our water start to build up and accumulate inside the hair fiber. For colorists, this accumulation of metals is pretty much their worst nightmare, because when metals in the hair come in contact with oxidants during color, balayage or lightening services, it can lead to  breakage and negatively impact color results for their clients.

Thankfully, L’Oreal Professionnel Paris has the perfect solution to combat these issues: Metal Detox. This breakthrough professional protocol is capable of neutralizing metals and detoxifying hair, thanks to its key ingredient glicoamine—the only molecule small enough to penetrate and target metals inside the hair fiber. Not to mention, the three-step system is compatible with all hair color and lightener brands and includes a pre-treatment to neutralize metals before color services, a cleansing shampoo to detoxify hair after the service, and a conditioner/mask option to prevent new particles from combing back. Most importantly, the results are incredible: 87 percent less breakage and 100 percent reliable color results.

Given the innovative nature of Metal Detox, it’s only expected that stylists will have a lot of questions about how best to utilize this treatment system in their salon and with their clients. That’s why we reached out to hairstylist and blond specialist Kathy Nunez, who’s quite the expert on all things Metal Detox. From how to price the treatment in your salon to when to use certain products in the system, she’s here to answer all of your burning questions.

Hairstylist Kathy Nunez

Ahead, nine of the most commonly asked questions about L’Oreal’s Metal Detox answered by a professional.

1.Does Metal Detox really reduce breakage?

“Yes! I have definitely noticed less breakage on my blond clients, as well as an overall improvement of the look and feel of their hair!”

2. How often should you use Metal Detox on your clients?

“I recommend using the L’Oreal Metal Detox on your clients’ hair with every color service —typically about every 8 weeks!”

3. Can Metal Detox be used on clients that have tape-in hair extensions?

“Yes, absolutely! My clients have been loving how soft and smooth their extensions feel after using the Metal Detox treatment?

4. How much do you recommend charging for Metal Detox as an in-salon service?

“I would recommend pricing this treatment within the same range you would charge for a conditioning treatment in your salon!”

5. Can Metal Detox be used as a standalone treatment? If so, are the steps the same (minus the coloring process) for the treatment?

“Yes, you can! We usually use the L’Oreal Professional Metal Detox treatment as an add-on service to our blowout/haircut clients, but you can definitely use it as a standalone service as well. Yes, the steps remain the same.”

6. When using Metal Detox, at what point do you tone your client’s hair —before or after the detox shampoo?

“I prefer using the Metal Detox shampoo and mask before toning.”

7. When doing a gloss on someone, how long must it sit for Metal Detox to work?

“It is safe and effective to apply the gloss right after the Metal Detox application!”

8. Do you rinse out the Metal Detox pre-treatment after applying it to the hair?

“No, simply apply the pre-treatment and apply the hair color right over it!”

9. Do you need to follow up with the shampoo and the mask or can you just use only the spray before your color services?

“It is important to use all of these steps to ensure the best results from the Metal Detox treatment.”

If you’re ready to achieve purer and more reliable color results with your clients, be sure to purchase the complete Metal Detox system at Saloncentric

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