Hairstylist Natalie Simoes Shares Her Experience Using L’Oreal Professionnel’s Metal Detox



While there are certainly a lot of things that can ruin a client’s hair color, you might be surprised to learn that water is one of them. The reality is that the water that comes out of our faucets and showerheads often contain a high concentration of heavy metals, like copper and magnesium. This water, often called hard water, is not only harmful to a client’s hair health, but can negatively impact color services, leading to unexpected results. 

The good news is that there’s an easy fix to all your hard water hair concerns: L’Oreal Professional’s Metal Detox. That’s right, this breakthrough professional protocol has the ability to neutralize metals and detoxify hair, leaving behind soft, silky hair that has 87 percent less breakage and 100 percent reliable color results. Not to mention, the three-step system—which includes a pre-treatment, cleansing shampoo, and a conditioner/mask option—is capable of penetrating and targeting metal inside the hair fibers, thanks to its key ingredient glicoamine. 

If you’ve yet to experience the magic that is Metal Detox and are curious about this game-changing professional protocol, you’re in luck. We’ve enlisted hairstylist Natalie Simoes, who’s quite the expert on all things Metal Detox, to not only share her experiences using the line on her clients but also spill some of her tried-and-true tips for using the system.

The Tease: How often do you recommend using Metal Detox?

Natalie Simoes: I recommend using Metal Detox before every color service. I suggest doing this because it removes any metals and creates a clean canvas for all colors and lighteners to go on.

Do you recommend always using all three Metal Detox products together or is it possible to just use the pre-treatment before a color service?

Simoes: I recommend using the three products together because they all work hand in hand to remove metals and close the cuticle. 

Can the Metal Detox system be used as a standalone treatment in addition to an add-on service for clients? Also, depending on how you are using the Metal Detox system are the same set of steps being followed?

Simoes: You can definitely use Metal Detox as a standalone treatment because no matter what hair type or service you are doing all hair can have a metal build up. 

What is your favorite Metal Detox product and why?

Simoes: My favorite Metal Detox product is definitely the shampoo. It is an amazing clarifier and I can tell that I have an extremely clean canvas after using it.

Have your clients noticed a difference after their Metal Detox treatment?

Simoes: My clients have noticed a difference with Metal Detox. I live in Arizona so we have a ton of heavy metals in our water and it can create a build up on the hair that you can almost scrape off with your nails. With this system, they have noticed not as much build up on their hair in between appointments. 

What tips do you have, if any, when it comes to using Metal Detox on curly or textured hair? 

Simoes: For curly or textured hair, you just have to make sure your saturation is even so the minerals are removed evenly.

What advice would you give to a stylist who is looking to add the Metal Detox system to their salon services?

Simoes: For stylists that are wanting to add this system to their salon services, I would suggest doing a trial on clients to show them that there truly is a difference in their hair and the color outcome. 

What are some things stylists need to keep in mind when using the Metal Detox system to ensure the best results for their clients?

Simoes: Stylists need to keep in mind that when using Metal Detox it is going to take out all metals so you will be left with a 100 percent clean canvas—where you can see the surface level of each strand of hair and color extremely custom to what they’re needing. 

To experience Metal Detox yourself, be sure to purchase the complete system at Saloncentric

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