Hard Water May Be Ruining Your Curls—Here’s How to Fix It



If you’re a stylist who regularly works with curly hair, you are probably already aware of just how essential water is to maintaining healthy curls. As you know, curls and coils are much more prone to dryness and require constant moisture to look and feel their best. But, as crucial as water is to your client’s hair care regimes, the irony is that it can actually be pretty detrimental to their overall hair health.

You see, tap water is loaded with a high concentration of metals  like copper, magnesium, and nickel that when built up can wreak serious havoc on hair, particularly curly hair which is already no stranger to breakage. No joke, this water—often called “hard water”—can turn curly locks into a dry, damaged shell of its once-healthy self. 

But, all this damage doesn’t just happen overnight. The reality is that it can take weeks, even months, before your client’s locks reap the consequences of excessive hard water. Over time, the buildup of heavy metals in the water will begin to distort the hair’s natural texture, making it feel straw-like and brittle. Not to mention, the heavy metal buildup will also start to weigh their curls down, stretching them out and causing them to fall flat. 

And, if all of that isn’t horrible enough, try attempting to color strands that have been damaged by hard water—you’re in for a disaster. Those metals that have found their way into the hair fiber of your client’s curls can greatly impact the final result during color processing. For those who don’t know, some metals (like copper) will chemically accelerate the coloring process making it harder for colorists to ensure a consistent color result for their client.

Thankfully, there is a way to eliminate the effects of hard water and excess metals on your clients’ curly manes. Introducing Metal Detox L’Oreal Professionnel Paris’ newest breakthrough system that’s designed to neutralize unwanted metals in the hair and deliver optimal results for both salon pros and their clients.

The three-step salon process (which includes a pre-treatment, a sulfate-free shampoo, and a conditioner/mask options) is formulated with glicoamine, a patented molecule that’s small enough to penetrate inside the hair fiber and neutralize metals. This is important to note because most metal cleansing products on the market are only able to cleanse the hair of metals on the surface. With Metal Detox, the hair is detoxified from within, ensuring that your client’s curls are left with 87 percent less breakage and 100 percent reliable color after usage.

It’s why Balayage Specialist and Celebrity Colorist Min Kim can’t say enough good things about the game-changing system.

“I really believe in the philosophy of healthy hair and that if the hair isn’t as healthy as it can be, the color, the cut, and the style will never look the way it should or the way it’s meant to be,” said Kim. “So, now we have this product which can help to guarantee the results. It does not slow down my processing time. I’m finding that I’m able to work more efficiently.”

If you’re ready to transform your clients’ curls, be sure to purchase the complete Metal Detox system at Saloncentric.

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