Hayden Cassidy On The Difference Between Barbering And Hairdressing


Global educator and barber, Hayden Cassidy, joins Volume Up to talk about what she interprets as the difference between barber and hair stylists…spoiler she sees herself as a totally different category: ‘short hair specialist.’

Hayden Cassidy is an international platform artist who specializes in men’s hair, merging techniques from every aspect of barbering and gaining inspiration from her experiences of different countries and cultures including the  US barbering and hairdressing scenes. 

Hayden also talks about her journey in the industry, the differences between the UK and US industries, and her moves for education. 

Most recently, Hayden collaborated with Andis Company, where she’s a global educator, and dropped 12 long-form haircutting tutorial videos that are available for free via Andis.com and Andis company’s official YouTube.

Hayden is passionate about making sure that everyone has access to free and accessible education and Andis is helping to champion that passion. Hayden dives into the process to build out the tutorials and what they mean to her.

This episode has a little bit of everything and is truly a gem. Tune in! 

“Yes. I’m a proud barber. I’m such a proud barber. But ultimately, I’m a short hair specialist because I don’t just do, you know, shaves and fades. I can do everything and everybody wants something different as well.”

“It’s not only the hair that I love. It’s that connection that I love and that’s what really inspires me. I don’t want to miss a day of work, not because of money. I don’t want to miss a day of work because I want to make sure that my clients are looked after. 

“I learned on the back of Youtube and I always believed that if you want to find knowledge and if you want to find education, it shouldn’t be so expensive and out of your reach. So I really was passionate about creating quality tutorials for everybody to be able to access and I think that is ultimately the reason why that idea came around.” 

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