Hemp Hemp Horray!

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Hemp based products have been so hot lately, and we’re jumping on the bandwagon this month with Agadir’s Hemp & Red Wine Strengthening Serum. The serum works to make your hair up to 3x stronger with plant-based Phytonutrients in the form of hemp seed oil. According to the label, it “nourishes, repairs and restores strength and elasticity to dry, damaged or frizzy hair.”

The hemp seed oil works to balance the moisture level of the scalp, which smooths the hair’s surface and prevents a dehydrated look, directly benefitting the health of each follicle. The red wine extract contains Reservatrol, which promotes the growth of the Keratin necessary to keep our hair’s protein strong and healthy.

Of course, you know we tested it ourselves before boxing it up and sending it out to you. The results? Wow does our hair feel luscious! Agadir describes the serum as medium-weight, which is spot on. Applying two pumps to your palm before applying to damp hair, the serum falls somewhere on the spectrum between full-on liquid and a mousse. The consistency made me a bit nervous that it would weigh my hair down, but as soon as my hair was completely dry, I actually noticed a bit more body than usual.

My hair is on the thicker side and naturally wavy, so it’s a daily battle trying to tame the frizz. Agadir’s Hemp & Red Wine Strengthening Serum has made it so much easier. My hair looks shinier, looks to have more body, and feels much healthier. As if that weren’t enough, the serum smells great and is paraben-free.

You can read all about the ingredients for yourself here. We can’t wait for you to try it out!