How Beauty Brands Are Getting People to the Polls This November


As the US presidential election nears, many brands and businesses have been taking to social media to encourage their followers to vote. This year’s election holds great importance and using your voice is more meaningful than ever. So meaningful, even beauty brands have taken interest and are providing special edition products and using social media to help boost voter turnout.

Here are how beauty brands are encouraging Americans to vote in the 2020 election.


Skincare brand Versed has teamed up with I am a voter. to create a headband duo to help encourage consumers to use their voices in the election. Along with making a statement, the headbands also help keep your hair back while preparing to vote. Versed is donating 15% of sales to I am a voter., which encourages Americans to participate in our democracy.

The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar is inspiring followers to “be a Bawse Voter” through social media and special edition products. Partnering with When We All Vote and Michelle Obama, the brand launched an additional version of their best-selling Bawse Lady liquid lipstick but quickly sold out. The brand will be donating 40% of the lipstick’s proceeds to When We All Vote’s promising cause.


Starface has also added a new product to their line to encourage voters to use their voices. The brand has put a new spin on their beloved Hydro-Stars by printing the word “VOTE” across the patches. $10,000 of proceeds from the Vote Stars will be donated to the Alliance For Youth Action to support their goal of increasing voter turnout.

Milk Makeup

In another partnership with I am a voter., Milk Makeup is asking followers to text VOTER to 26797 or visit to prepare for voting. “In the time it takes to perfect your winged liner, you could register to vote, double check if you’re registered and even start the process of mailing in your ballot,” the brand shared on Instagram. “Trust us…it’s easier than you think.”


Collaborating with When We All Vote, beauty brand Glossier has been including limited-edition “I’m Voting” stickers with all online US orders. Perfect for your reusable water bottle or phone case, the smiley sticker lets you show off your dedication to voting! In addition to the stickers, Glossier has also set up a webpage with voting resources at

Uoma Beauty

Uoma Beauty is not only encouraging customers to #RiseUpSpeakUp and vote this November, but they’re also selling face masks to wear to the polls. “Masks may have muted us somewhat, BUT we can never be silenced,” the brand wrote on Instagram. The statement-making masks are a collaboration with Adolfo Sanchez and come in three different designs stating: “Silence is Betrayal,” “Beautiful Rebellion” and “A Badass is a Loudass.”

Benefit Cosmetics

Lastly, Benefit Cosmetics is now including a white and pink enamel pin with each order made on the brand’s site. The “I am a benebabe. I am a voter.” pin was created again in partnership with I am a voter. and is available while supplies last. Not to mention, the pin is free with any purchase because Benefit believes that “every voter is a benebabe.”

Click here to check your voter registration status and visit for more information.

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