How To Attract Customers By Speaking Your Values


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Standing out as a salon professional can feel impossible. Between fighting the algorithm, perfecting your before-and-after shots and managing your day-to-day “to do” list, it’s no surprise you feel exhausted. Plus, do we even need to mention 2020? Stylists are collectively stressing over how to reach customers in this crazy, socially distant world. One super simple way is using tools and products in the salon to speak to your values.

The potential for products to speak volumes doesn’t stop at their results. In fact, ikoo, a German-based hair care brand that just launched in the United States, baked their values into every part of their brand. By putting a brand like ikoo in your routine and on your shelves, you pick up the added benefit of attracting customers who are on the same page.

Check out these ideas for connecting with clients over what you care about most:

Speak To Animal Lovers With Cruelty-Free Products!

It’s one thing to bond over your favorite vegan foods. It’s another to let clients know your wash & styling products love animals just as much as they do. All of ikoo’s care products are 100% cruelty-free and vegan, plus PETA-approved.

Even their famous Paddle X Pops brush is held together with a secure attachment system –– A.K.A. no glue. Not only is this tool a total winner for your furry friends, it also reduces heat damage with a vented design and recreates a Chinese scalp massage. Bonus points!

Speak To Ingredient Enthusiasts With Clean Formulas!

Beyond knowing if ingredients are good for animals, you should also know if they’re good for your clients! When it comes to ikoo, the brand isn’t shy about their “freelosophy,” meaning they focus on formulas that are clean and safe.

Rather than including parabens, paraffins and silicones, ikoo uses natural ingredients as their base. Essential oils create that special salon experience for your clients, too. As customers become more curious about what’s going on their hair –– whether it’s because of a sensitive scalp or their health –– it’s important that stylists know what’s on the ingredient label!

Speak To Everyone By Supporting Brands That Stand For Something!

Finally, conscious consumerism has forced brands to tell us what they stand for. Silence still makes a statement! And as more companies get called out for iffy practices, the products you stock in the salon speak to your values.

For ikoo, women’s empowerment is at the top of the priority list. They regularly discuss body positivity, diversity and more online. Also, they took full advantage of launching the brand during election season in the U.S. by motivating more women to get out and vote.

In 2017, they introduced Lola as a digital brand ambassador that spoke to these issues. When customers see Lola in the salon, they know you’re all about supporting them both in and beyond the chair.

Get Products That Say & Do More

There’s a huge opportunity for salon professionals to differentiate themselves in the market by using brands that connect with clients. What’s important to you? Get clear on your values and find brands that are doing the work. Your people will find you if you’re unapologetic in promoting your cause!

Need a place to start? Order your Hello Salon ikoo Box to sample full-sized products from ikoo and get behind their female-first “freelosophy.”

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