How to Do Fashion Color with JCPenney Salon Senior Stylist Jessica Havermale



JCPenney Salon Senior Stylist Jessica Havermale LOVES fashion colors. Luckily, so do many of her clients, including Erin who had pre-lightened hair but was looking for a major, and colorful, transformation. “We’re gonna do some fashion color today, so we’re gonna add in some neon pink, and some greens, and some neon blues,” said Havermale.

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Get the Look:

  • Step 1: Remove existing color with direct dye lifter
    • “Basically what it does is it lifts direct dye out of the hair… to get some of that color out without causing any more damage to the hair.”
  • Step 2: Tone with Matrix SoColor Sync
    • “It’s more for a quick toning to get rid of those unwanted yellows and brassy color and all that stuff in there that we don’t want. Because her hair is so short, I can get it around her head and get everything saturated. a little bit faster.”
  • Step 3: Prep hair with a leave-in treatment
    • “So, [Redken One United All-in-One Leave in Conditioner] is my absolute favorite thing. It’s got a little bit of a heat protectant in it, but it is a leave in treatment, so it’s going to help fill in those pores on your hair and condition everything just a little bit before we actually put any of that color in.”
  • Step 4: Prep Color with OLAPLEX
    • “I put Olaplex in all of my colors. It helps keep that color lasting just a little bit longer and it’s also gonna help condition the hair while that color is processing.”
  • Step 5: Application
    • For the sides, apply Pravana ChromaSilk in Magenta
      • “It is very important when you’re doing color, the fashion color especially, because it is just a stain, that when you’re going around the face, around their ears, and their neckline, try and keep it as clean as possible. I start on one side of the head, and I paint going all in the same way. And then I’ll go to the other side and paint everything back in that opposite direction. That way I know I have saturated everything.”
    • For the crown
      • “Aluminum foil will always be your best friend. We’re going to put some blue and some green in there. I might just do them both at the same time and just kind of see what happens.”
  • Step 6: Process
    • “I think the reason why I like fashion colors so much is I don’t have to wait for it to process. As soon as we put it on, I can let it sit for two minutes and rinse it out.”
  • Step 7: Shampoo and condition with cold water
  • Step 8: Style
    • Fiber is really good for the short hair. Because you can make it do whatever you want it to do. And put it in any direction you want it to go. My tried and true Kenra 25 hairspray.”

More of a visual learner? We’ve got you! Check out the full-length video how-to on our YouTube.

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