How To Style Your Nails For Fall


Now that fall is here you might decide to switch up your outfits, your hair color, and your nails, too! But before you make an appointment with your nail tech, we rounded up some colors, shades, and techniques for you to take with you. Also, don’t worry, if you are styling your nails at home, we have some ideas for you to try out too. They are all ranked from easy to hard— that way you can choose which style suits you best. 


  1. Simple french tips

If you are looking for a simple, but wonder-fall style, look no further than right here. These short french nails by @nailedugiselle_ are perfect for the fall season. This on trend style would be great to try at home, or with the help of your local nail salon.   

  1. Keeping it simple 

Here is another great look for someone who is learning to paint their nails at home. If that is you, then this style will be sure to grab your attention! The fun part is you can achieve this same look with different fall shades and colors. Keep it the same as @melibeautyservices  or switch a color out for a light brown or burgundy.  


  1. Fall and Marble 

These marble textured nails by @June.naildesigns are perfect for fall time, and for those who love all things marble. Although we love the browns, you could also use an orange instead. Either way we know you will get compliments on them all autumn long.   

  1. Un-be-leafly Cute

We are falling for this style by @nailssruby. Our attention was caught on the bright orange and the cute leaves that scream fall season. If you are feeling extra creative, you could even switch the leaves out for another  fall-related item  like acorns, pumpkins, or even lattes. 


  1. Turkeys and plaid 

Are you meeting a younger sister, or niece for Thanksgiving? If so, try this style on her nails and then yours, that way you can match throughout the day. Although those turkeys by @zenstationails might look tough, we know you can handle the task at hand.

  1. Sunny and bright 

You might need to call in the professionals for this sunflower themed style. @Noleen__Nailspa did a great job painting her clients nails with these beautiful fall colors. We love how bright they are, something we could all use on a cold autumn day. 

  1. Pumpkins and plaid 

This one might just be the hardest one here, but if you are looking to take some inspiration with you to your next nail appointment, you could definitely bring this one along. We love this plaid and pumpkin themed look by @ _rosellei_. This look is great for Thanksgiving, but will also work for all of November.

Are you styling your nails for the fall season? If so, make sure you tag us on instagram so we can see your creations.

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Alyshia Hull

Alyshia Hull is a writer and shop owner in Upstate New York. She often covers lifestyle, beauty and career related topics.


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