3 Professional Nail Brands You Probably Didn’t Know You Can Buy on Amazon



Let’s face it, nail pros: Amazon is more than likely already your preferred shopping destination for all your life needs. But, you might be surprised to know that the popular online marketplace is also a virtual goldmine for professional products. It’s got all your salon essentials in one place—from nail polish and gel polish to professional nail tools and enhancements. And, the best part? Amazon’s virtual beauty shelves are stocked with all the pro nails brands that you already know and love.

Now you’re probably thinking that you can just run over to any beauty supply store to stock up on your nail salon essentials. But, does Cosmprof have two-day Prime shipping? We think not. The beauty of shopping on Amazon is that instead of running around to several different beauty stores, you can find everything you are looking for in one single place and have all your items quickly and conveniently delivered directly to your business. Plus, you can even place recurring orders on select eligible items through Amazon’s Subscribe-and-Save feature, so that your inventory is always well stocked, granting you even more time to spend focusing on your clients. 

If you’re ready to put that Prime shipping to good use, ahead, take a look at just a few of the incredible pro nail brands available to shop on Amazon’s Professional Beauty Store


When it comes to professional nail polish brands, OPI is one that needs no introduction. Easily one of the most well-known nail polish producers in the industry, the brand is beloved by nail pros and their clients for its clever polish names, incredibly long-lasting formulas, and wide variety of colors. In fact, there’s a very good chance that you probably already have one of OPI’s nail lacquers, gel polishes, or dip powders sitting on your salon’s bottle rack. 

Shop OPI nail products on Amazon here


Credited as the first brush-on soak off gel polish, Gelish has become one of the most popular gel polish brands in the industry. Its innovative gel polishes allow for a quick, easy, and efficient gel application process and are guaranteed to last for up to three week — without any chips or peels. Not to mention, Gelish is constantly producing gorgeous new shades and is currently sold in over 80 countries. 

Shop Gelish nail products on Amazon here


Since its launch in 1979, CND (Creative Nail Design)has remained one of the most innovative nail brands in the industry. If you ever done a gel manicure for a client, you might be familiar with their Shellac—a first-of-its-kind polish gel polish hybrid that totally revolutionized the nail space. While their Shellac has now become a staple for gel manis, the brand’s Vinylux is just as popular when it comes to long-wear polishes due it fast-drying, long-lasting nature.

Shop CND nail products on Amazon here

To shop more professional nail products on Amazon, be sure to visit Amazon’s Professional Beauty Store

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